Conceive This: The Blues Concept

Hadley Rahrig

It could be said that no college town is whole and func­tioning without its own sushi restaurant, and Hamilton is no exception to this rule. Fortunately, with its extensive list of Japanese-infused menu items and take-out accessibility, The Blues Concept easily fills these stipulations as Hamilton’s one and only sushi location. Since its divergence from its former moniker Sushi Blues, The Blues Concept now offers a new variety of classic sushi, appetizers and vegetarian items. Fur­thermore, Colgate students can expect lower prices for certain products, as well as an emphasis on ingredients derived from locally-raised livestock and produce.

Although when traveling downtown this unembellished restaurant isn’t immediately obvious, its contemporary, clean feel draws attention to the quality of food rather than its am­biance. Moreover, with options to purchase take-out and even order-in on a notoriously rainy Colgate afternoon, the simple convenience and availability of this sushi makes The Blues Concept desirable to a myriad of college students.

For an individual not extensively cul­tured to sushi cuisine, scanning the menu of The Blues Concept can be overwhelming. Including an array of miso soups, entrée steaks and a traditional Japanese comfort food, Okonomiyaki, this restaurant clearly strives for a diverse selection of appetizers. In regards to the actual sushi selection, raw fish sushi rolls can include a variety of sea­food items, including salmon, tuna, yellow­tail, octopus and even barbecued eel. Upon sampling the salmon, the commitment to fresh, high-quality food is easily apparent. Additionally, the amount of fish provided within each roll ensures that each custom­er will receive their money’s worth. While many other varieties exist, cooked sushi as well as vegetarian rolls are readily available for those who take a less traditional route. Characterized by tropical flavors such as coconut and sweet mango sauces, the vegetarian sushi rolls of The Blues Concept typically include refreshing ingredients such as avocado, cucumber, asparagus and cream cheese encased in a delicate layer of seaweed.

Although its close location to campus and its expeditious or­dering capabilities make The Blues Concept a convenient din­ing option, students should be aware of its unusual hours, char­acteristic of many of the eating locations in Hamilton. Normal weekday hours range from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., however, on Tuesdays it is not open for service. Hours are extended on the weekends to 10:00 p.m. to cater to students. While still under the same management and in the same location, The Blues Concept is likely to demonstrate a change in menu items as well as its restaurant atmosphere this season, and its highly anticipated metamorphosis is likely to stir reviews throughout Colgate this semester.

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