Sports Spotlights: Amanda DiDomizo ’14

Mitchell Waxman


Sport: Field Hockey

Hometown: Cortlandt Manor, NY

Major: Undecided

Why Amanda? She defended the cage well in two games against Vermont and Hofstra this weekend.

1. The loss to Vermont was a difficult game, but the team hung tough all game. What can the squad take from a competition like that?

Yes, losing a game like that is extremely tough. However, I believe our team really gained a lot from that game. That game showed us that we didn’t play to our potential in our game on Friday and made us realize that we could play and compete with great teams like Vermont. We also realized that showing up to play really mattered and that our intensity on Friday was low. If we want to be successful in the future, we must always play with a high intensity like we did against Vermont.

2. On a personal level, you made 11 saves and kept the team in the game throughout. How would you rate your play through the three games?

Throughout our games – especially against Vermont and Ball State – my defense played great and they made it a lot easier for me to save the ball. I believe I am playing well, however, I am hoping that as I get adjusted to college level play, I will improve.

3. As a first-year, has the transition to the collegiate game been tough?

Yes. The whole process of getting adjusted to a new team and the high-speed level of play that exists in college has been difficult. However, I am starting to feel more comfortable with the speed of the game. I feel that playing field hockey year-round throughout high school with amazing players has really made this transition a lot easier.

4. The game was played on an incredibly hot, uncomfortable day. Did this affect the team’s performance?

The heat definitely played a big role in the game, especially in overtime. But the whole team worked hard over the summer and during preseason to get in shape and I believe that we did great despite the heat.

5.Quinnipiac is up next for the Raiders, and the team would love to even the record at 2-2. What do you guys need to focus on to make that happen?

I think we really need to focus on the little things that we have been discussing throughout the season and concentrate on being ready to play at the start of the game, as opposed to waiting 10 minutes to get adjusted. We just need to make sure we play with the intensity and heart we did against Vermont and remember the little things we have been working on in practice.