Sports Spotlights: Olivia Nabhan

Sports Spotlights: Olivia Nabhan

Steve Urban

Sport: Field Hockey

Hometown: Rye, NY

Major: Undecided

Why Olivia? She scored two of the three Colgate goals in the season opener and earned Patriot League Player of the Week.

1. It’s always great to start the year off with a win, but how important is it for team morale, unity and chemistry that you earned the victory in the first game?

In every game, our objective as a team is to play our hardest, use the competition to improve our skills and of course to enjoy the sport we love. It is a privilege to be victorious at the end of the game, and we under­stand that it does not come without hard work. We went into this game with a new level of intensity partly because it was our season opener and also because our old assistant coach, Beth Maddox, is now the head coach of Ball State. There was a new feeling of energy that we used to our advantage. It was important for us to win because the first game always sets the tone for the remainder of the season. This game showed us how to best be successful as a team, and I hope we will have the discipline to keep up this level of play. This year our team goal is not only to qualify for the Patriot League Tournament, but to also compete once we are there. If we are to achieve this goal, we must continue to work hard, as exciting as it is to win there is always more to improve on.

2. How has your game improved from last year to this year?

We are extremely lucky to have coaches who take the time to work on our individual skills. In the off-season, I focused specifically on my defensive skills in one-on-one situations. I still have space to improve, but my confidence level has increased. My teammates have also helped my ability thanks to their guidance and direction. We have such talented upperclassmen, and their presence on the field helps set a great example for myself and the other underclassmen. I hope to continue to polish my offensive skills so that I can help the team qualify for the tournament, which is our ultimate team goal.

3. After constant practice in preseason, was it great to finally get out on the field?

Lehigh came out hitting the ball right away. We were able to put up a fight and stay with them for a few innings and tied the score up. But in the last few innings, we had some errors that cost us, and we weren’t able to string hits together.

4. Lastly, you took home Patriot League Player of the Week this past week. Any thoughts?

I feel honored to have been selected for this award. There are many strong players in the Patriot League Tournament, and to be compared to them is an accomplishment in itself. My efforts alone were not the only reason for our win against Ball State. Field hockey is the ultimate team sport, and our team had a great game. This is shown as we swept the Patriot League awards, with my teammates Elaine and Amanda both acknowledged for their performances. I am so proud of our team, and I’m excited to show our fans what we can do this weekend.