Trudy Dedicated

Griffin Markay

Students, alumni, and fac­ulty gathered on Saturday, April 9 dedicate the new Trudy Fitness Center. President Jefffrey Herbst spoke, along with the most gen­erous donors to the new facility: Madeline Buttitta ’08, Dr. Mark Mandel ’60 and Chase Carey ’76 and members of the board of trustees. Gratitude was in the air for those who made it possible to build the new gym that is, “So im­portant for the literal health of the campus,” President Herbst said.

It was a great opportunity for alumni who had not seen the cam­pus in years to return and see the changes and improvements for the campus and the town. With twen­ty-five treadmills, twenty-four el­lipticals and twelve stationary bikes, with state of the art cable and iPod ready touch screens, the fitness cen­ter is a 21st century gym. The new construction will allow Colgate to renovate the Huntington gymna­sium in order to provide better fa­cilities for athletic teams and build a dance floor for students. As Dr. Mandel said, Trudy Fitness Cen­ter is an important place to, “keep students strong, smart and healthy.”