In The Light: Kyra Kaufman

In The Light: Kyra Kaufman

Stephanie Jenks

Senior Kyra Kaufman has spent the past four years at Colgate involved and dedicat­ed to a number of activities. The Weston, Connecticut native described herself as “de­termined, enthusiastic and hard working” and she has certainly lived up to these terms during her time at Colgate.

Kaufman is currently the President of Ko­nosioni and is a student representative for the Academic Affairs Board. The senior served two years as a Senator for the class of 2011 and has also served as a member of the Bud­get Allocations Committee. Kaufman con­tinued working with the Student Govern­ment Association (SGA) during her junior year when she became the SGA’s Policy Co­ordinator for Student Life. The philosophy major and Spanish minor has also tutored Spanish at Hamilton Central School.

Kaufman also made it a priority to take advantage of the most important resource at Colgate: its faculty.

“I have never had a professor that I felt was unapproachable or who did not make themselves available,” Kaufman explained. “My experience has shown me that profes­sors at Colgate genuinely care about their students’ success and make it a priority to reach out to them.”

During the spring of her junior year, Kaufman studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Ar­gentina and immersed herself in the culture by living with an Argentine family.

“Learning about their values and day to day lives helped me understand the culture of Buenos Aires in a deep and meaningful way,” Kaufman said. “A highlight of the trip was hiking and ice trekking in Patagonia, which was hands-down the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.”

Reflecting upon her own experience, the senior advises other students to make the most of their time at Colgate.

“Take advantage of all that Colgate has to offer. Go to speakers, attend student led events and expose yourself to different as­pects of the Colgate community. There are so many different people and opportunities to learn from here and I wish I had done more of this over the past three and a half years,” the senior said.

After graduation, Kaufman will be work­ing at the law firm Weil, Gotshal & Manges in New York City. Although the senior has a lot to look forward to, she will certainly miss the Colgate community and everything it has provided her with for the past four years.

“It’s hard to identify a single feeling. It’s scary, sad and exciting. It makes me want to appreciate every moment that I still have here because I know how much I will miss it.”