Spring Party Weekend Acts Announced

Spring Party Weekend Acts Announced

Rebekah Ward

A schedule of this year’s Spring Party Weekend (SPW) concert lineup has now been released to the public, finally clearing up rumors that inevi­tably shroud the weekend each year. A full schedule of events will mean little break time for the dedicated party-goer. But this year’s SPW Planning Com­mittee is making sure that at least people’s decisions will be well-informed: a schedule has already been posted on Face­book, and posters with the full concert lineup are in the works.

This year there will be a slightly earlier start than normal to the weekend of concerts: Phi Delta Theta fraternity is hosting a unique kickoff event titled Con­cert for the Cure on Thursday, April 14. White Panda will be coming to play from 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. in honor of junior Victor Krivitski (Vic), a Phi Delta Theta brother.

“[Vic] was diagnosed with can­cer at the end of last semester, and a lot of campus groups have been involved in raising money to help support his treatments,” Phi Delta Theta brother and one of the concert organizers Will Hazzard said. “We’ve been doing a lot of things for Vic, but we wanted to do something that stood out, something that was very present and that peo­ple could get involved in. We were already plan­ning to have a Spring Party Weekend concert, but we decided to tie the two ideas together and turn it into a benefit.”

White Panda is a well-known mash-up duo, and Phi Delta Theta is expecting the event to be a well-attended hit. It will not be catered, so it will be a dry event.

“We’ve decided to split all proceeds between Vic’s family to offset his medical costs, and a charity of his choice,” Hazzard said. “One of the cool things about this concert is how much sup­port we’ve been getting from a lot of the groups on campus.”

There are two events planned for Friday eve­ning, one hosted by Theta Chi and one by Sigma Chi (Sigma), both currently scheduled from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m..

The concert at Theta Chi has been a long an­ticipated plan, and rumors spread quickly about the different possible acts. At one point, Major Lazer was rumored to be coming; later, people thought it would be Afroman. Now that Theta Chi and its collaborator, CAB, are in the final stages of their negotiations, some of these rumors can be put to rest.

“We finally have our set list confirmed. We’ve had MSTRKRFT, one of the best current electro artists, booked for a while. For the other half of our set, The Dean’s List and XV, two up-and-coming hip hop/rap artists, will be playing as part of their national tour called The Animal House,” sophomore Kit Norris said, one of three Theta Chi brothers who organized the concert.

“Essentially we tried to get Major Lazer, but they weren’t available. Afroman had booked a concert the night before out in California, and he is deathly afraid of planes. Though we offered him more money to fly, he was unwilling to take the only mode of transportation that would have gotten him here on time. Biz Markie was another possi­bility for a while; but we are very happy with the way it all worked out,” Norris said. The Theta Chi event is not catered and therefore non-alcoholic, and admission is free.

Tramps Like Us, a Bruce Springsteen cover band, will also be playing on Friday night at Sigma. Sophomore Brad Anglum of Sigma Chi said there would be an admission price, although the exact amount has not yet been decided. The event will be catered by the Rusty Rail.

“It’s now turned into an annual concert; they love coming to play for us. They’ll play requests, and they can play all the Bruce Springsteen classics,” Anglum said.

During the day on Saturday, the much-antici­pated B.o.B. concert will occur on Whitnall Field at 4:00 p.m.

For Saturday night, although Delta Upsilon (DU) will have its annual Giants of Science ca­tered and ticketed concert, it will be book-ended by a new concert series hosted right across the street from DU at 49 Broad Street, also known as the Unity House.

“Brothers is organizing two concerts that night, Theophilus London from 8:30-9:45 p.m., and later Phony Ppl at 11:00 p.m.” Broth­ers Wiseman (senior adviser) and senior Medvis Jackson said. “Theophilus London is the big one; he is an up-and-coming artist, has been featured in GQ and Rolling Stone… He is a rap­per and his style is a little electro-funk – people often compare him to Kid Cudi.”

Besides the music, Brothers has also promised that this concert will provide food: possibly pizza, possibly a grill.

“For the 11:00 event, Phony Ppl, an in­strumental rap group, will be playing a 45 minute set. Afterwards, a DJ will come on to make it a dance party. Both this event and Theophilus London are free and not catered,” Jackson said.

In between these two artists, across the street, DU will be hosting its famous annual SPW event. Giants of Science is a 4-piece party band that plays mostly classic hits from the ’80s. As usual, the concert will be catered with kegs, and tickets can be bought at the door. The DU concert is scheduled to go from 8:00-12:00 a.m.