What’s New in the World of Music?



Brad Anglum

So what’s new that I care about? It’s the last issue before Spring Break and I’m bored, out of ideas and have too much work, so I figured I would make some sort of list: perhaps the top 10 musicians who died before their prime? No, that’s too easy. Instead I decided to do something, well, even easier.

Spring is making lame attempts to penetrate the Colgate bubble and while we are all un­doubtedly stuck in the winter doldrums, here’s what you may have missed as well as what you have to look forward to in the world of music. TV on the Radio just released a new song en­titled “Will Do” ahead of their upcoming stu­dio release of Nine Types of Light out April 12, and I can’t get enough of it. Lupe is coming out with an alternative rap album, Lasers, on March 8, and while I’m only mildly interested in Lupe’s forays into rock, I will give it a listen. Yes, yes, this is the same Lasers that I salivated over two years ago (I know I’m not alone on this one). Just don’t expect Rage Against the Machine-like material, because Lupe likes rapping about the finer things in life, a bit too much, rather than rapping about the downfall of corporate America. Julian Casablancas still reeks of swag and cigarettes and that means The Strokes just released a new song, entitled “You’re So Right,” ahead of the March 18 release of their fourth studio album Angles. I’m not sure if I’m really going to listen to the new Radiohead album 25 times until it “sinks in.” No, I know the facts; Thom Yorke is a dick (Wikipedia told me so), and Ok Computer and Kid A were both ridiculous.

While that’s terrible, unprofessional rea­soning, let’s keep it going. Raekwon and Nas just collaborated on a track entitled “Rich and Black,” keep an eye out for his latest solo album Shaoln vs. The Wu-Tang due out March 9. Trying to capitalize on that early ’90s suc­cess, Rae? Whatever, he can do anything he wants creatively after his critically acclaimed 2009 album Only Built for Cuban Linx Part II. Kanye West thinks that Tyler, the Creator, has the best music video of the year for his song “Yonkers,” a bold call con­sidering his infamous proclamation at the 2009 VMA’s, not to mention that the video in question is seriously disturbing. Next up, there is potential for a new Red Hot Chili Peppers album. Last time I checked, John Frusciante was done with the band and Stadium Arcadium was the Band’s well-deserved two-sided victory lap. Appar­ently, RHCP is hard at work on an album that is set to be released in the ambiguous “late 2011.”