We Do It Better: Underground Alternatives



Alanna Weissman

The modern mainstream is a curious thing, and one comprised almost entirely of mass-produced, unimpressive pop. At the other end of the spectrum, there are once-respectable underground bands who have “sold out” (that is, changed their style of music to appeal to the masses and make more money rather than stay true to their initial artistic vision, even if it means sustaining a smaller fan base) or mysteriously exploded onto the popular scene with a catchy radio-friendly single or the like. Some bands of the latter two categories, once deep in the underground, are now household names: Fall Out Boy, Paramore, My Chemical Romance. Meanwhile, pure-pop albums, the likes of which are churned out by artists like Ke$ha, almost exclusively exist in the mainstream, as they are primarily created for the nation’s airwaves.

Mainstream bands—particularly ones that got their start in the underground—are something of a conundrum in terms of the music world; while they achieve success, a myriad of other artists with a similar style and (often) better execution remain trapped in the underground, more often than not due simply to lack of discovery. Here I list some underground artists with one or more stylistic elements (either musical or lyrical, or both) in common with some current mainstream art­ists. For the purposes of this article, I have expanded the definition of “underground” beyond the commonly-held standard of alternative subgenres and into a compendium of all genres, the sole standard being that the artist is not as well-known as the mainstream artist and, as such, cannot be viewed as “popular.”

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