Alumni Column: Still Reeling From Real World



Dr. Bob Raiber '68

This weekend, about 156 Colgate alumni, including 56 members of the Alumni Council, gave up part of a three-day weekend to travel and stay in Hamilton, at their own expense, to contribute to Real World 2011. Alums are invited to this event by the Center for Career Services and Colgate alums seek out this invitation despite having to battle possible snowstorms and/or frigid temperatures at this time of year. As many alums will tell you, this is not just a learning experience for the students. I also took a lot away from my weekend at Colgate and have compiled some of this valuable knowledge into my own top ten list:

1) Slices are now $1.50

2) Seven percent of Colgate students go into medical careers.

3) Hockey games are unfortunately not well attended, but still great fun!

4) Case Library still has books, not stacks of e-readers.

5) Rusch’s is a great new sports bar!

6) The Italian word for sister is sorella.

7) 12 percent of Colgate recent graduates go into the communication field.

8) Colgate students toss Big Red gum on the ice at the Gate/Cornell Hockey Game (go to the hockey games – they are fun!)

9) Chicken chili at the Barge is still the perfect lunch on a snowy day.

10) The term “frat” has apparently replaced the word fraternity. Do they call their mothers “moth”? I guess when you only have 140 characters…

All and all, a terrific weekend in Hamilton. I want to give a special thanks to my peers on the Alumni Council, senior Benjamin Ouriel and the rest of the Senior Council for putting together such a wonderful event.

One additional thing I learned was that many members of the Class of 2011 had heard of the Alumni Council, but did not understand its role.

The Alumni Council consists of 56 alumni who are the representatives of the 31,000 living alumni.

The council is balanced with regard to both geography and class era, among other things, to match the alumni body. The council has various committees such as alumni district clubs, admissions and career services, which work with the university through programs like the newly created Maroon Advantage series to help alumni and keep them connected to the university.

In addition, the council serves to advise the university on issues of concern to Colgate alumni. The council meets 3 weekends a year on campus. How does one get to be a member of the Alumni Council? 3 words…Active Active Active! Alumni who are lead­ers and active participants in programs such as district clubs, admissions volunteers, class agents, reunion chairs and even Real World are among the approximately 300 alumni con­sidered annually by the nominations committee for 9 slots. Any alum may nominate him or herself for consideration by the committee.