In The Light:Caroline Callahan

In The Light:Caroline Callahan

Kat Kollitides

Senior Caroline Callahan’s four years at Colgate are best described as adventurous.

“I love the outdoors,” the Cleveland, Ohio native said. “Colgate is so close to the Adirondacks, which makes activities like hiking so readily available.”

Callahan, a biology major, has taken advantage of Colgate’s scenic location through her active involvement in Out­door Ed. The senior specializes in sea and water kayaking, which she teaches as an Outdoor Ed physical education class.

Callahan’s love of nature also extends to the laboratory. Under the direction of Assistant Professor of Biology Cath­erine Cardelús, Callahan is currently investigating the biodiversity of Church Forests in Ethiopia.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t go to Ethio­pia myself to get the samples,” the senior laughed. “I’m using the plant samples collected by Professor Cardelús to study how the ecosystem is dealing with edge effects. The study is relative to climate change and conservation practices.”

Callahan’s life at Colgate is not merely restricted to her involvement in nature. As the Vice President of Chapter Development for Delta Delta Delta, the senior has found her second major passion at Colgate.

“Due to Outdoor Ed training sopho­more year, I wasn’t that involved in Tri Delta,” Callahan explained. “As the years passed, I’m so happy I became more active. My role as VP of Chapter Development al­lows me to help members with whatever is­sues they’re dealing with, may it be finances, grades or something else.”

Callahan also cites her study-abroad trip to Wales last semester as an “unbelievable” experience.

“Most people asked me why I was going to Wales,” Callahan said. “People think of Wales and imagine rain and sheep. But, Cardiff is an interesting place. It’s the per­fect jumping-off point for exploring the continent. We spent every weekend either backpacking around Wales or going to different European countries.”

Callahan hopes to take this exploratory spirit with her once she graduates.

“I currently don’t have any plans for after graduation,” Callahan explained. “But, I think it’s liberating not to know. I’m hoping to lead some Outward Bound trips, for school-aged and at-risk youth, and just travel.”

Despite the open road ahead of her, Cal­lahan knows she will be leaving behind a special place.

“Oh, I’m going to miss Colgate. It’s a fun adventure to go out into the world, but Colgate is just so great.”