Spotlight: Chris Moy

Rebecca Raudabaugh

While being the president of any Greek organization undoubtedly takes up a significant amount of time, for senior Chris Moy, this is not even the tip of the iceberg. A political science major and a member on the Men’s Rugby team and the ski team, Moy also makes time to be on the Link Staff and to interview for admissions.

However, Moy is most passionate about his role in the Greek community, and how it has helped make his college experience fuller.

“DU [Delta Upsilon] is a very diverse fraternity, very open; we don’t look at what you do so much as who you are as a person,” Moy said.

During Moy’s junior year, he was the Inter-Fraterni­ty Council Recruit, as well as the Rush Chair for DU, and is proud that last year they had the largest pledge class in several years with 32 boys.

“I wouldn’t have met people, many of whom are my close friends, if I had not been in DU,” Moy reflected on the recruitment process.

Moy also emphasized how great the DU alumni network is, and how it remains active.

“They care about the house, [they want us to have] jobs after Colgate when we graduate and just want us to have a great experience – they want to give back,” Moy said.

DU is involved in many philanthropic events on campus, including Uplifting Ath­letes, Up ‘Til Dawn, Parents’ Night Out and other community volunteering groups. This year’s Homecoming Dance raised money for Uplifting Athletes. They also have members involved in Hamilton Food Cupboard, Mentors for Hamilton Central and they sponsor a movie theater showing once a year.

Moy loves his job as president because he has “the oppor­tunity to make an impact, because being a Greek President is taken very seriously by administration and others on campus.”

Along with meeting new people from Colgate and alumni and gaining networking skills, Moy had the op­portunity to speak in front of the Board of Trustees earlier this fall.

Despite the challenge of differing expectations Moy has to meet as President, he feels Greek Life is improving.

“The school is finally going in a new, good direction though, with Fouad Saleet, the new Assistant Dean for Campus Life,” Moy noted.

When looking at Greek life, Moy would like to see some initiative to enlarge it on campus. Internally, Moy wants members to be committed beyond the social life, and to “have involvement across the board with all members.”

Moy’s last words regarding Greek life reflect his love for the experience.

“All those who bash Greek life, it is what you make of it. The friendships made are real, the opportunities you can get from it are huge, but it’s on you to take them.”