Women’s Groups Fight Breast Cancer

Taylor Fleming

On Sunday, October 17, the Breast Can­cer Awareness Coalition (BCAC) and the Sorella Society teamed up to host a kickball tournament on Whitnall Field. The tourna­ment kicked off at three o’clock and lasted until after five, narrowing down to two teams in a championship round.

Because both BCAC and the Sorella So­ciety are two groups on campus dedicated to women’s issues, members believed a kickball tournament would be a great way to raise money and awareness for this dreadful, but prevalent disease.

“We felt by holding a recreational event that would encourage the community to come together for a good cause would raise awareness of the importance of healthy life­styles and particularly methods of early detec­tion and adequate education, and also about the relevance of breast cancer on this cam­pus alone. It has touched countless families,” senior Katie Downey, a member of both the Sorella Society and BCAC said.

The two groups decided to donate all the proceeds from the kickball tournament to the Keep a Breast Foundation. The 501c3 non-profit organization, with a mission statement almost identical to that of the Colgate Uni­versity’s Breast Cancer Awareness Coalition, seemed like the most appropriate place to send the events donations.

Their website, www.keep-a-breast.org highlights, in blog form, some of the recent events that have been held with all profits going to the Keep a Breast Foundation. Like the students involved in BCAC and the Sorella So­ciety, young people orchestrate many of the events.

In fact, the Keep a Breast Founda­tion prides itself on its “leading youth” and “cutting edge art events and awareness programs.” The most recent campaign of the Keep a Breast Foundation is entitled “I heart boobies!” The kickball tournament tanks modeled this campaign by sporting the phrase “Hakunama Ta-Tas,” with the “a’s” in “Ta-Tas” represented by pink breast cancer ribbons.

Despite a week of bad weather and a par­ticularly ominous morning, Sunday’s event went off without a hitch. The two commit­tees involved arrived around two o’clock to set up a buffet of snacks and Gatorade and a speaker system that let the whole cam­pus in on the event. Teams, formed prior to the tournament, donated 12 dollars per person to participate. Though not every team that signed up participated, there was a large player turnout and even a large spectator crowd.

The kickball tournament was especially unique for the Sorella Society because it was the first time sophomore members, who joined this past September, were able to help organize and experience one of the society’s philanthropic events.

“It was great to be part of the preparing and organizing, and it was awesome that we got to form a team of our own as well. A fun time was definitely had by all,” sophomore and new member of the Sorella Society Ellen Callahan said.

The donations will be tallied and a total will be announced at the next meetings of the Sorella Society and the BCAC. Based on the turnout and popularity of this year’s event, however, both organizations can already count Sunday’s kickball tournament as a vic­tory and a great example of how two clubs on campus can come together in the face of a devastating disease.