13 Beats for the Week (10/14)

Brad Anglum

1. “Fix Up, Look Sharp” by Dizzee Rascal

Think of your greatest accomplishment as an 18-year-old. You know it – it’s undoubtedly the one that makes your parents oh-so-proud, and that is getting that large envelope from Colgate. For the then-18-year-old Dylan Mills, a.k.a. Dizzee Rascal, it was creating the single defining album for a genre. The album is considered the Bible of the Grime genre and “Fix Up, Look Sharp” was the biggest hit of the album. Colgate doesn’t seem so impressive now, does it?

2. “My Friend Cubilas” by Badly Drawn Boy

This Badly Drawn Boy track, circa 1999, is somewhat of a divergence from their more popularly known work from their debut album The Hour of the Bewilderbeast.

3. “With You” by Lil Wayne feat. Drake

This is by no means the post-prison album banger that most people expected of Wayne. Its more like an over-produced mixtape which Wayne, in fact, completed before being incarcerated. While I Am Not a Human Being is mostly hit or miss, “With You” could easily settle in nicely on Tha Carter III.

4. “Creep” by Radiohead

Off of their debut album Pablo Honey, “Creep” was the first hit for a band that I consider to be the most influential band of the past decade.

5. “Marathon” by Tennis

This husband and wife duo seem to be of another era. I’m not really sure what doo-wop is but “Marathon” is what I picture it to be in my head – light, breezy and careless.

6. “Bilar” by Ratatat

Ratatat, feeling no need to change with the times, sticks to a very set formula, but it’s a winning formula which they employed again on their recent album LP4.

7. “Godzilla New Year” by Mochipet (Ana Sia Remix)

Ana Sia, a San Fransisco based DJ goes real hard over Mochipet’s “Godzilla New Year.”

8. “Wildstyle Method” by Bassnectar

Try this on for size if it doesn’t fit don’t worry about it, Bassnectar isn’t for everyone.

9. “Cameras” by Matt & Kim

I can’t tell if I like this song. Matt seems to be rapping but I really don’t think he and Jay-Z are from the same neighborhood of Brooklyn. Regardless, I love their endless energy and this is a solid progression from the stuff on their first album.

10. “Sit Down, Man” by Das Racist feat. El-P

Off of their recent mixtape, Das Racist teams up with the alt rap deity El-P. Keep an eye out for this duo from Wesleyan, they are basically a more legit Cool Kids.

11. “Evil Boy” by Die Antwoord

Halloween came early as Diplo teams up with the trashy South Africans Die Antwoord. Check out the music video to sufficiently indulge your senses.

12. “Hold Yuh” by Gyptian (Major Lazer Remix)

Diplo’s second appearance on this list is a remix of Gyptian’s “Hold Yuh.”

13. “Home” by LCD Soundsystem

This is just a massive tune here. It epitomizes everything LCD Soundsystem is about. They paint an eerily clear picture with their music, this is far and away my favorite track on this list.