Class of 2011 Gift Supports Career Advising for Alumni



Mallory Rowley

After six days of online voting, the senior gift from the Colgate University Class of 2011 was cho­sen on Wednesday, October 13. The results from the first round of online voting were too close for a clear winner to be determined. Therefore, the Senior Class Gift Committee (SCGC) conducted a second online voting event that began on Thursday, October 7. Se­niors voted between an Endowed Class Scholarship or an Alumni Career Services Pilot Program.

With only 413 seniors, or 58 per­cent of the senior class, casting their votes in the first round, every mem­ber of the gift committee agreed that it was appropriate to set up the on­line “Senior Gift Vote Run-Off.” In the original vote, the Alumni Career Services Pilot Program and the En­dowed Class Scholarship, received 127 and 124 votes, respectively. The other two choices in the first round of voting included endowment to sup­port sustainability and aid for Study Abroad programs, which received 96 and 66 votes, respectively. The results of the “Run-Off” election were 203 to 179 in favor of the Alumni Career Services Pilot Program.

The Colgate Class of 2011 Senior Gift Committee provided a detailed description of the gift with the announcement of the final decision.

“The Class of 2011 has chosen, as their senior gift, to create a spendable gift ac­count to support the active partnership between the Center for Career Services and the Office of Alumni Affairs. Through this senior gift, funding will be made avail­able to continue development and imple­mentation of The Maroon Advantage: Career Advising for Colgate Alumni. This funding will help Colgate to determine the long-term feasibility of effectiveness of The Maroon Advantage programming.”

This formal program may include: one-on-one and group career advising, a web-based alumni job-seekers toolkit, a job search skills webinar series, alumni network­ing opportunities and career specific alumni club events.

The Colgate connection does not end at graduation, and in recognition of that, the Class of 2011 has decided to provide funding to support alumni through career transitions. Whether you are searching for your first, sec­ond or third job, or graduating from an ad­vanced degree program and entering the job market, the Center for Career Services will be able to assist with your search.”

It is clear that the majority of Colgate se­niors are enthusiastic about the final decision for the Class of 2011 Senior Gift.

“I’m happy with the senior class’s deci­sion. There are so many worthy recipients of this gift, but by giving to the Alumni Career Services, the Class of 2011 showed their desire to help the entire Colgate com­munity, inside and outside of this four year experience,” senior and Class Agent on the SCGC Michael Danahy said.

Participating in the selection of the senior gift is a Colgate University class legacy. In addition to the senior class gift, seniors and alumni can also make personal contributions to support university programs and projects.

“I would also encourage every senior to make a gift this year (and every year), and be an active participant in supporting Colgate and current Colgate students,” Assistant Director of the Annual Fund Michael Tone said.

In celebration of the decision on the gift, the Class of 2011 Senior Gift Com­mittee will be sponsoring a class gift kickoff tailgate, catered by Holy Smokes BBQ, be­tween Tyler’s Field and Andy Kerr Stadium on Saturday, October 23. All students, es­pecially seniors, are encouraged to join the committee as they celebrate yet another philanthropic Colgate legacy.