Spotlight: Will Herling


Jenn Carey

For Co-President of Sigma Chi junior Will Herling, college has been about a diversity of experi­ences. This pre-med and philosophy major from Darien, Connecticut participates in a wide variety of experiences both within and outside of the classroom. When not busy with his presidential responsibilities, Herling is involved in a variety of intramural teams on campus, and even was a member of the varsity tennis team during his first year at Colgate. Additionally, Herling has found unique ways to bolster his academic experiences as a pre-med student. Herling shadows a local doc­tor on top of his already full plate of responsibilities.

However, despite how busy his schedule may be, Herling has managed to make the most of his Greek Life experience. Herling identifies that the camaraderie between members has been the most positive aspect of his fraternity experience.

“My favorite part of Sigma Chi and Greek Life as a whole is the lifelong friendships that are cre­ated through social, philanthropic and other fraternal activities,” Herling said.

While the friendships forged through Greek Life were a common talking point amongst fraternity and sorority presidents, like most of his fellow Greek Life leaders, Herling also cited important areas in which the Colgate Greek scene can be improved.

“I would want to expand Greek Life at Colgate so that everyone who wants to experience Greek life has that opportunity,” Herling said. “Another important change is to in­crease collaboration between Greek organizations and other non-Greek student groups.”

While Herling has a long list of activities and accomplishments, the fraternity that he leads is equally involved within the Col­gate community. Reflecting on some of the philanthropic events that Sigma Chi sponsors, Herling was quick to discuss the Sigma/Beta Huntsman Cup, a collaborative endeavor between two of Colgate’s fraternities.

“It’s a hockey game where all the proceeds go to the Huntsman foundation for cancer research,” Herling said.

In addition to the Sigma/Beta Huntsman Cup, Sigma Chi also sponsors the Brothers’ Basketball Tournament, Sidekicks Carnival, Baking for the Friendship Inn and the Inter Fraternity Council’s “Par­ents’ Night Out.” Last year, two Sigma Chi brothers, Greg Bricca ’10 and junior Chris Mahoney, also helped to organize a film screening which benefitted the nonprofit organization Rainforest Partnership.

As if both Herling and Sigma Chi aren’t already busy enough, when speaking of Sigma Chi’s philanthropic events, Herling notes that there are “many more to come.”