Spanish Beats and a Lullabye

Spanish Beats and a Lullabye

Cambria Litsey

Continuing its tradition, the Barge Canal Coffee Company hosted its popular, monthly Open Mic Night on Friday, October 1. It was the second Open Mic of this year’s series. About 30 Colgate students and members of the Hamilton community crowded together for a night of eclectic sounds and scrumptious coffee. Passersby on their way to New York Pizzeria (Slices) stopped by for a song or two, and some stayed for the remainder of the evening. The night’s acts included an electronic keyboard, acoustic guitar, piano, singing and poetry. Some students performed their own songs while others adapted some of their favorites for the stage.

Sophomore Will Hazzard, the host of the series, shared the stage with first-year Domi Burek for the evening. Burek is a newcomer to the Barge stage this year, but is already making a huge splash. In addition to co-hosting the night’s line-up with Hazzard, she will soon be hosting a new series of Poetry/Spoken Word Open Mic Nights.

Opening with an energetic electronic number, Hazzard set the stage for a night of impressive and unique performances.

Sophomore Dagan Rossini followed, performing a rendition of “The Freshman” by the Verve Pipe, amid cheers from a group of first-year women holding up

supportive posters.

Next was Joey Harrison, whose powerful voice commanded his performance of three original songs: “Can You Hear Me,” “The Anthem” and “Breathe.” He is currently working on an album, which should be out in November.

Following this impressive performance came Faith, singing two original songs. The first developed out of an encounter with a dead bird; the second was a lullaby.

Open Mic’s own sound technician, Dan, then lightened up the mood, playing some upbeat Spanish-influenced songs, demonstrating his clear mastery of classical guitar. He also kept his time on stage interesting, acting out an extremely comical and crowd-pleasing rendition of “Supertheory of Supereverything.”

The first-year trio of Daniel Swiecki, Josh Hair and Dan Matz followed, playing guitar, piano and singing “Mad World,” “Bittersweet Symphony” and “How to Save a Life.” Numerous audience members were spotted singing along with them.

Next was Will Pegg performing a few Oasis songs, including “Champagne Supernova” and “Wonderwall.”

For the remainder of the evening, the tone shifted to poetry, where first-year April Bailey’s raw performance added an unexpected, but thought-provoking mood to the evening.

Domi Burek closed up the show with some of her own, and equally profound, poetry. In an attempt to bring poetry back to the Barge scene, she will be heading a new series of Poetry/Spoken Word Open Mics, which will also occur monthly. Although she’s excited to take on this new role as a host, Burek admits that it is a bit scary.

“There’s a certain amount of familiarity when performing your own work that isn’t there when you have to transition between performers,” Burek said. “It is much more nerve-wracking to be an MC.”

The first of these poetry nights will be held on October 22 at 8 p.m. Anyone interested in performing should contact Burek.

The amount and variety of talent represented at Open Mic Night was extremely impressive. Anyone who has yet to attend one is encouraged to do so.