13 Beat for the Week (9/23)

Jackson Leeds

1. “Barbara Streisand (Original Mix)” – Duck Sauce

A-Trak and Arman Van Helden will get your weekend started right with this club friendly banger. If the funky beat and sample aren’t enough, maybe the synthesized voice repeating “Barbara Streisand” throughout the song will do the trick.

2. “Runaway (feat. Pusha T)” – Kanye West

Kanye introduced this song at the VMAs to great praise. It features a well-executed guest verse by Pusha T from Clipse. Listen to the dark, repetitive piano beat as Mr. West requests a toast for society’s less favored stereotypes.

3. “Makin’ Love to the Money” – Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane has been on fire lately, releasing mix tapes seemingly every week. “Makin’ love to the money like a sex tape / I’m talkin’ Kim K / I’m talkin’ Ray J,” the Atlanta native proclaims.

4. “Baptism” – Crystal Castles

Lead singer Alice Glass has a mental breakdown once again; this time the synthesizers and drum machines create electronic perfection. “Baptism” is one of the better tracks from Crystal Castles II.

5. “California Gurls (Arman Van Helden Remix)” – Katy Perry

Arman Van Helden adds a techno-house spin to everyone’s favorite summer anthem.

 6. “Speakin’ Tongues” – Cam’ron and Vado

Cam’ron and Vado talk about Harlem, lobster and expensive cars over a beat that takes us back to the Dipset days.

7. “Short and Entertaining” – Jamaica

“Short and Entertaining” is a great cross between a newer electronic sound and 80s pop, with production by Xavier de Rosnay (from Justice).

8. “Big Dipper” – Delorean

With summer ending, lyrics that tell listeners to “run away up into the sun” may feel a bit outdated, but the catchy hooks and guitar riffs will never go out of style.

9. “Babylon (feat. Mr. Lexx)” – Congorock

The Fool’s Gold DJ Congorock grabs Mr. Lexx for this electronic epic, which was named the “hottest record out there” by Dutch DJ Chuckie.

10. “Fly Jets Over Boston (feat. Curren$y)” – Sam Adams

Normally not a big fan of Sam Adams, but Curren$y and the Boston boy rhyme more than their fair share over this laid-back beat.

11. “B.M.F. (feat. Styles P)” – Rick Ross

“I think I’m Big Meech, Larry Hoover,” the self-proclaimed boss shouts. Styles P makes a notable guest appearance on the Lex Luger produced track.

12. “Take Over Control (ft. Eva Simmons)” – Afrojack

The Dirty Dutch movement is in full effect as Afrojack features Eva Simmons on this track with smooth hooks and pounding beats.

13. “Black Billionaires” – Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche is a collaborative effort by two of the more groundbreaking DJs of the past ten years: DJ Medhi and DJ Riton. With a well-timed sample from the song “Bang” by Rye Rye and a pounding synth, this song is sure to please.