Main Moon

Jen Lauro

Food Offerings: Standard Chinese food menu, including buffets on the weekends.


Delivery: Yes, on orders more than $30.

Location: 24 Utica Street

Phone Number: 315-824-1830

Price Range: Cheap to moderately cheap

Quality of Food: Main Moon is most likely the only Chinese restaurant within a 30-mile radius of Hamilton. That being said, most Colgate students visit Main Moon and its weekend buffets out of shear desperation for their Asian food fix. When I asked a friend why she continues to eat at Main Moon, her anguished response was “because it’s all I have!” Another friend admits his reasons for frequenting Main Moon are the buffet and cheap prices, however it is “very buyer beware,” and “some things look more dangerous than delicious.” My affair with Main Moon began and ended with an order of chicken and broccoli. This rubbery poultry nearly bounced back at me when I dropped a piece on the floor. After that experience, I learned to control my cravings for Chinese for school breaks, when I am safely in the Chinese food mecca of the tri-state area. For those of you who are less patient, have stomachs of iron, and like their chicken with a bit of spring in it, the sesame chicken, orange chicken, and General Tsao’s chicken all received weary recommendations, along with the fried rice. However, eat with caution.

Décor: Linoleum floors, plastic booths, bad fluorescent lighting. Order take-out, if you must.

Service: In true Chinese restaurant fashion, Main Moon is fast. There is no formal table service, but if the place isn’t busy the cashier will bring your food to your table. Takeout orders are ready in about 10 minutes most days.