Make Room For Spring: Cleaning Out Your Closet



Emily Johnson

There is no better way to start off a new semester than with a clear head and clean closet. No, I don’t just mean getting around to your growing pile of laundry! I’m talking about really taking a look at your wardrobe and organizing it so that you know exactly what you have and where to find it. Trust me, this can cut down your morning routine by half, leaving you more time to press the snooze button for those days when the snow just won’t go away.


One of my favorite gifts that I have gotten is the book, Shop Your Closet by Melanie Charlton Fascitelli. This fun and witty read is essentially a how-to guide for making your closet as stylish and accessible as possible. I live by these rules, both at home and at school. The result is a closet so appealing and easy to maintain that you actually would rather shop your own wardrobe where your size and style is guaranteed than dig through endless racks at your favorite store.


According to the Shop Your Closet rules, closets should typically be organized by seasons. However, since the reality is most of the dorm room wardrobes are about the width of a full-length mirror, it makes the most sense to combine your winter and spring pieces. The next step is to divide your clothing by style. Hang shirts and blouses together, followed by dresses, skirts, pants and lastly, jackets and blazers. Clothing in each category should then be organized by color, going from lightest to darkest.


Remember that not all clothing needs to be hung in your closet. Jeans and leggings are best kept folded in your dresser. As for sweaters, I like to keep mine in a large bin where they are equally visible and easy to access. Scarves and wraps are the perfect way to add color and pattern to your outfit, as well as to your room. Display them on a coat rack, or knot them on an empty curtain rod.


Yes, this may seem a little too meticulous for some of you, but for others, it’s an eye opening revelation. After organizing my own closet, my first reaction was: How many black sweaters do I actually own?! Now when I’m out shopping, I try to steer clear of black sweaters and look for pieces that I know I’m lacking. At the beginning of every season, you will now be able to easily sort through your clothing and make a list of those season staples that you have yet to purchase.


This season, there are several must-haves on my list. Spring is making a bold statement by stepping past its classic pastel colors and floral patterns. Yes, prints are bigger than ever, but now the options are limitless. As seen on the SS’10 runways of Balenciaga, Peter Som and Proenza Schouler, designers are now layering burnout tees on floral skirts, striped blouses over tribal shorts, and animal print, well, everywhere! Add a Diane Von Furstenberg brightly patterned skirt to your list, as well as a Splendid striped tank, to compliment all those staples you now know are already in your closet.


Another key item for spring is the shirtdress. It’s the perfect addition to your wardrobe, especially since it is an effortless staple capabale of transitioning between seasons. While the weather is still cold, pair your shirtdress with tights and high boots for class, or possibly leather leggings for an edgier look downtown. Top it off with a cozy cardigan or fitted blazer and you have an easy layered look. When spring finally arrives, and I promise that one day it will, wear this with a short trench coat or denim jacket and your favorite pair of ballet flats.


Incorporating seasonal pieces is easiest when you have a closet full of options to wear them with. Organizing your wardrobe is simple yet effective. Not only will it take the chaos out of your morning routine, but it also makes room for those fabulous spring additions I know you’ve been eager to get your hands on!