Colgate Couture: Spring into Winter

Zoe Gordon

 Welcome back, fellow fashionistas! It is more than officially a new year, but I dare not suggest that we all begin working towards a “new you.” That pesky little slogan appears on every January magazine cover and in the daily jargon of talk show hosts, mothers and over achievers. I cringe at the thought of New Year’s resolutions – the gym for the next couple weeks will inevitably be a warzone, and the surplus of cookies will sadly decrease. On the other hand, I understand the urge and opportunity to reinvent. We are all given the cultural chance for a clean slate, to start anew. Instead of drastic measures, why not start with easy and influential changes by focusing on your wardrobe. 

Here in Hamilton, not much has changed since we all scattered to various locales for break. While home in California, sunny spring prints were appearing in stores on the very first day of the new decade. As much as I want to skip around campus in Lauren Moffatt’s floral top and shorts or DKNY’s silk peony jumpsuit, it is undoubtedly still winter and we must more or less continue dressing like it. However, there are ways to spring forward (pun intended) without developing frostbite or standing out like a floral fool. 


It should be easy to incorporate elements of some of spring’s hottest trends like minimalism and exposed lingerie into a winter ready outfit. 


As the September runways and recent magazine spreads have shown, designers have really rediscovered the notion that less is more. One of the lasting legacies of fashion in the 1990’s (aside from grunge and the era of Clueless) is minimalism. Styles of stark simplicity by the likes of Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs became the vogue, and two decades later, the idea has been reinvented in more feminine ways. Chloe has created a series of separates made of clean lines and crisp fabrics while Michael Kors made minimalism sexy with cutout dresses and thigh high slits. 


What does this mean for your closet? Store the sequins, the ruffles and the animal prints. Update your wardrobe with those basic essentials that are often overlooked. A silk tee, tailored blazer, straight leg trousers and classic shift dress are all chic solutions that are often forgotten in the quest for a grander new you. 


Some designers are simply lingerie lovers and some seasons are inextricably linked with the fad. This spring like several in recent history, lingerie has reared its flirtatious face everywhere from runways to chain retailers. Unless you are a fame monster, the idea of visible undergarments may seem ludicrous (even dare I say slutty), but it is far from impossible. Antonio Berardi showed some stunning sheer corsets under nude tailored separates for a perfectly proportionate day or night look. Designers like Fendi and Jean Paul Gaultier have also shown romantic see-through brassiere and corset creations that are both sensual and sophisticated. 


Sure, we most of us are not ready to expose those six-pack abs that we have resolved to achieve, and perhaps we are concerned about coming off more like Snooki than a style maven. My advice? Start dark. Patterson J. Kincaid and LNA both make dark but sheer tees and button down tanks that are both affordable and on trend. Pair these with a particular lingerie piece – not your brightest neon push up, but an architectural bra by VPL or a black lacey bandeau by Free People. By keeping it simple, this nighttime look will appear classy rather than crass, and all the while, keep all eyes on you.  


So with the new year hopefully comes a lot more of the same, wonderful you. Keep classics close for day, and just barely reveal Victoria’s Secret at night for looks that can reinvent without entire wardrobe overhaul. Happy shopping and happy new year!