In the Light: Evan Lorey

In the Light: Evan Lorey

Kiki Koroshetz

One day, senior Evan Lorey wants to live in the suburbs of New Jersey, his home state, where he will have his own lawn to mow and a great deck to hang out on. But if Lorey won a million dollars, he would buy a house in Dubrovnik, Croatia, which he visited while studying abroad in Prague.

At Colgate, Lorey is an economics major and a music minor who finds a variety of places in which to pursue his intellectual interests. As a member of the Budget Allocations Committee, Lorey analyzes the fiscal proposals of and allocates funds to Student Government Association (SGA) clubs. Lorey, who has played the trumpet since fifth grade, is also a member of Colgate’s Concert Jazz Ensemble.

“I wasn’t going to audition,” Lorey said. “But freshman year my mom brought my trumpet into my dorm room.”

Lorey seems more than happy about his decision now, though.

This past summer, Lorey had the opportunity to work as an intern at UBS in New York City, along with fellow senior, Mark Kanter.

“I did a lot of joking around,” Lorey said about the internship. “Mark had to answer phone calls all day, and there were a bunch of open desks on the floor we worked on, so I would call Mark from all these different numbers.”

Lorey briefly mentions that he has been offered a job from UBS in wealth management, so one is to assume, although Lorey is not one to brag, that he did more than joke around during his internship.

This semester, you can find Lorey on the stage acting for the first time in the Colgate University Theater production of Last Summer. It should not be hard to find him, as Lorey plays one of the leading characters. Why has Lorey chosen to join the cast in his last semester at Colgate?

“I’ll be punching numbers for the rest of my life,” Lorey said. “I’ll never have this opportunity again.”

While it is a nice enough reason, it is doubtful that Lorey will simply be punching numbers after Colgate. Lorey, who enjoys going to the gym, quesadillas on Wednesdays at the Coop, hanging out at the Bacon and who has been known to take more than one swim in Taylor Lake, will certainly find the time to one day mow his lawn, hang out on his deck, travel back to Croatia or Prague and maybe even make a few prank phone calls along the way.