Haunted Tunnels Spook Students

Paulina Prosnitz, Maroon-News Staff

As the sky darkened, students flocked to the lobby of Wynn Hall on Thursday, October 24 for a chance to experience a spooky journey through Colgate’s infamous underground tunnels. With October drawing to an end, decorations of pumpkins and ghosts have adorned the campus. While many students may have left their trick-or-treating days behind, a haunted house continues to be a popular way of welcoming the Halloween season. 

The Colgate Activities Board (CAB), under the direction of junior Maddie Jenkins, sponsored and organized the event. “The Haunted Tunnels” were advertised in Colgate’s events calendar, class Facebook groups, on the club’s instagram and through posters around school— working to reach every possible student demographic. Junior Vinny Betti, a member of the club, described the Haunted Tunnels as, “a fun alternative to Broad Street for Halloween activities.” While the tunnels are traditionally used by students as a way to traverse campus without being exposed to the wintery weather, participants of the event saw them re-imagined as a location for entertainment and excitement. 

The trip of terror began in a dimly lit hallway, with walls covered by white bed sheets with eerie noises echoing off of them. Groups of four tread warily down the halls one by one, unguided and unsure of what was ahead. As each group progressed down the hall, sudden screams punctuated the air as nameless people behind the sheets lurched forward. 

A string of floating baby dolls with glowing heads marked the next bend in the hallway. A woman dressed all in white with blood on her face wandered by, moaning creepily. Lastly, a clown emerged from the shadows for a final scare, trailing participants as they made their way across the final section of the tunnel. 

Sophomore Mandy Ennis described the experience as, “a two minute period of brief terror where my heart stopped beating momentarily.” 

Emerging from the section of tunnel that had been portioned off for the event, groups were directed to an after-party of sorts where Halloween-themed food and drinks were being served. The tables were covered with fake cobwebs and other spooky decorations. Members of the organization mingled with event-goers, socializing and discussing the experience. 

A prospective student who had just emerged from the tunnels said, “I would consider it a good first night at Colgate.” 

Sophomore Emily Kraus  summarized the experience by saying, “they did a good job of making it a scary haunted house. We did scream.”

Night of the Living Dead, a 1968 black-and-white horror movie, was projected on a wall once students made it through the tunnels. Laughter and conversation dominated the space, which contrasted the screams of a few short minutes ago.