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Minus the City – Finishing Last

Allie Geiger

October 10, 2008

Everyone knows the old adage that nice boys finish last. No one ever says anything about nice girls. I was talking to my lab partner this week while we had an equipment break down (that's what she said!) working on our senior research. We had one of those conversations that senior girls tend to have....

Minus the City – Death to the Booty Text

Allie Geiger

October 3, 2008

I do not have a text plan -- not the expensive pay per text plan, but the actual no receiving/sending texts ever plan. When a boy asks me if I got the text he sent me last night, I always smile serenely and say no. I'm not being sexist here, but generally, when girls and my platonic male friends wan...

All Systems Down: Progressive Pains

Jaime Coyne

September 26, 2008

Today, my computer died. Well, actually, it works if you restart it, but you then have to save things compulsively (ctrl+S, anyone?) in case it spontaneously gives out again. I was eventually going to have to get it fixed no matter how long I put it off, so I reluctantly surrendered my laptop to SOURC...

Minus the City – Breaking Up is Hard to Do. Letting Go is Worse.

Allie Geiger

September 26, 2008

What is the statute of limitations on mourning a relationship? It seems to me that a lot of college students manage to get really hung up on another person. Long after the breakup is over and life seems to return to normal, our age group holds on to the old relationships. In an appropriately Carrie Br...

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