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Fashion Column: Cultural Appropriation

Fashion companies such as Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Victoria’s Secret have all used clothes and designs that have “borrowed” from ethnic and racial groups.

Angie Diaz, Maroon-News Staff

November 2, 2017

Cultural appropriation in the fashion industry is nothing new. Brands including Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Victoria’s Secret have all faced backlash for cultural appropriation in recent years. That said, it is celebrities, not the brands themselves, who typically receive most of the criticism. Both t...

Last Minute and Affordable Halloween Costume Ideas

Angie Diaz, Maroon-News Staff

October 26, 2017

Halloween is drawing closer, but most of us already have enough to think about with the amount of papers, readings, projects and presentations we all have to do. Who has the time to focus on what their Halloween costume will be? Admit it, typically it's the week or even three days before Halloween t...

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