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Rushing to Stereotype: The Shortcomings of Sororities

Alex Weimer, Class of 2020

September 28, 2017

Everyone knows that special time in the fall when hoards of girls wearing denim skirts and off the shoulder tops swarm Broad Street. You guessed it: rush week. An entire week dedicated to sophomore girls pining after the friendship of exclusive upperclassmen groups known as sororities. While rushing ...

Colgate Engages in Conversation About Greek Life

Colgate has five fraternities and three sororities. These organization’s Greek letters are pictured above.

Sarah Anderson & Gaby Bianchi, News Editors

September 14, 2017

On Wednesday, September 6, Colgate students started sharing a blog titled, “A Space to Critically Discuss Greek Life At Colgate,” published by seniors Nicole Lue and Taylor Washing and alumna Kathryn Deaton ’17.At the time of publication, the blog features testimonials from 15 students who disaff...

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