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Unpopular Opinion: Halloween is Overrated

September 22, 2020

It is officially that time of year when the leaves are starting to change. People are trading their iced coffees for pumpkin spice lattes, and pumpkin bread is slowly replacing the banana bread craze....

Unpopular Opinion: Colgate Isn’t All That Competitive and That’s Okay

February 20, 2020

Most of us would agree that the academic climate at Colgate is one of great rigor and demand. It’s not surprising to see students in the library working diligently for long hours with intense looks on...

Unpopular Opinion: The Bachelor is Sexist

Unpopular Opinion
February 13, 2020

Another plague is taking over the Colgate campus, and anyone can fall victim to it. It’s called The Bachelor. Every Monday night, the allure of drama-filled reality TV draws students away from their...

Unpopular Opinion: The Case Against the Grind

February 6, 2020

Most people who know me know that I do not sleep, at least not at night. In fact, the entirety of this article was written during those early hours in which one is unable to correctly discern whether it...

Unpopular Opinion: Rewriting My College Essay

January 30, 2020

Objectively, using my new position as Commentary Editor to write a personal reflection about my college essay may seem like an extraordinarily narcissistic way to kick off the first issue of the year....

Unpopular Opinion: Sorry, I Don’t Want to Be a Leader

December 15, 2019

During my college application, I spent tons of time going to college talks and browsing through websites of different universities, hoping to figure out what kinds of students American colleges would want....

Unpopular Opinion: Stop Idolizing the Toho

November 14, 2019

It’s around that time of the year when first-years start to develop some social confidence. Good for them, I guess. But as this confidence builds—as friend groups develop and the veil of the Jug is...

Unpopular Opinion: On Finding and Following Your Passion

October 31, 2019

During my junior year of high school, I was confronted with a big, scary question: what is my passion? In truth, this abstract “passion” would somehow determine the fate of my career and aid me in...

Unpopular Opinion: Community is Overrated

October 22, 2019

I am a quiet introvert who treasures my time alone so much that college sometimes feels like a disaster. I have to tolerate the existence of another individual who lives with me in the same room. I need...

Unpopular Opinion: Flour and Salt Never Fails to Disappoint

October 17, 2019

Yeah, you read that headline right. Flour & Salt—the favorite weekend morning stop for most students—is without a doubt the most overrated restaurant in Hamilton. To clarify, I’m not saying...

Unpopular Opinion: It’s Not Immature to End Friendships Over Politics

September 17, 2019

Last Thursday, ten heavily coached Democratic candidates battled it out on a debate stage in Houston, filling the ears of the audience with carefully planned one-liners and attacks meant to establish themselves...

Unpopular Opinion: A Senior’s Take on the “Freshman Fifteen”

September 13, 2019

There are many things I wish I could tell my first-year self. Sometimes I wish I could take everything I have learned, big and small, and package it up into a neat little box that I could have opened up...

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