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A Bone to Pick with Bikers

A Bone to Pick with Bikers

James Sexton-Holtmeier, Contributing Writer May 6, 2022

Whether it be as a hobby or as a means of transportation, I would argue that biking is not only overrated, but it is also a major inconvenience to others. I must admit that I myself do not actually know...

Intramural Sports: The Best Activity for First-Year Students

Eli Metzger, Contributing Writer April 22, 2022

I owe much of the success of my first year at Colgate to the institution of intramural sports. Entering college, I received a hefty amount of advice revolving around personal choices. I was instructed...

Unpopular Opinion: ‘The Bachelor’ Should be Canceled

Unpopular Opinion: ‘The Bachelor’ Should be Canceled

Samantha Wotring, Staff Writer April 15, 2022

Like many other people in their late teens and early 20s, I have a regular guilty pleasure: “The Bachelor,” and its gender-reversed counterpart “The Bachelorette.” I started watching late in high...

The Real Winner of the Oscars Slap: Stand-Up Comedy

Eli Metzger, Contributing Writer April 8, 2022

When we look back on the fiasco of last week’s Academy Awards, there will be no heroes. No human ones, anyway. The inciting incident, in which Best Actor nominee (and eventual winner) Will Smith climbed...

The Superiority of the Russet Potato

James Sexton-Holtmeier, Contributing Writer April 1, 2022

The standard russet potato is not only the superior potato, but it is also, without question, the greatest vegetable on the planet. A very common misconception is the idea that the potato is not a vegetable...

Unpopular Opinion: Apple Music Over Everything

Unpopular Opinion: Apple Music Over Everything

Gray Purcell, Contributing Writer March 11, 2022

I will die on this hill: Apple Music is the superior music streaming service. Arguably one of the hottest takes in today’s world — I am a ride or die Apple Music user. As I am sure many other users...

James K. Polk is America’s Most Underrated President

Robert “Jerry” Pfeifer, Contributing Writer March 4, 2022

James K. Polk was the eleventh president of the United States, leading the nation from 1845 until 1849. Polk was one of the strongest, most dynamic, fruitful and influential presidents of the nineteenth...

Unpopular Opinion: Take Classes with Professors with Whom You Disagree

Riley Rice , Contributing Writer November 19, 2021

On every college campus in America, there are professors to avoid and professors to take. Colgate is no exception to this rule, as older students often counsel younger students on which professors they...

Unpopular Opinion: The Best Coffee Shop In Town — FoJo Beans

Talia Yavorek, Contributing Writer October 1, 2021

As a college student, I personally run on coffee. Despite the fact that I do have a coffee maker in my room, going into town for a taste of something different is always a welcome treat. For being a small...

Unpopular Opinion: Let’s Keep Masking for Our Social Benefit

Tate Fonda, Staff Writer August 22, 2021

Often we ask others: if you had a superpower, what might you choose? It’s gone generally unnoticed that this year we have been mandated to partake in one popular choice: invisibility. Face coverings,...

Unpopular Opinion: The Geese of Colgate are a Menace

Unpopular Opinion: The Geese of Colgate are a Menace

Bri Liddell, Staff Writer August 21, 2021

Walking down Colgate’s famed Willow Path for the first time, I was struck by its elegance, simplicity and quiet beauty. That is until myself and the little party of first-years I was walking with came...

Unpopular Opinion: I’m Going to Miss Hearing About the College Admissions Scandal

Dylan Shi, Contributing Writer April 23, 2021

Seeing how there’s almost nothing as tired as yet another tale about a “self-made” figure with a business “built from the ground up," who is supposedly emblematic of the American dream but is actually...

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