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Race Issues: America’s Residential School Survivors Deserve a Louder Voice

Dylan Shi , Contributing Writer September 17, 2021

In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 served as an important year for the United States to reflect on its systems of oppression against Black Americans. Following the police murder of George...

DaBaby: Raging Homophobe or Just Closeted? 

Graci Galvez, Staff Writer September 17, 2021

While it happened over a month ago, the DaBaby controversy still sticks in my mind as one of the most laughable moments in hip-hop history. Not because of the comments he made, but because of how relentless...

How Far is America from Preventing Civilian Deaths Abroad? 

Fabrizio Montisci, Staff Writer September 17, 2021

Growing up, we have all seen the extent of the United States Army's power. As an international student whose country is a close ally of the U.S. and NATO, and shares many of the same views regarding democracy...

Afghanistan: Unforced Errors and Righteous Indignation

Nathan Biller, Staff Writer September 17, 2021

On Tuesday, Aug. 31, President Joe Biden gave a speech lauding the “extraordinary success” of the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan. In this speech, he offered a forceful rebuke of widespread...

Twenty Years Later, What We Remember

Reed Cleland September 13, 2021

Given that this specific edition of the Maroon News so closely follows the twenty-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, it felt particularly imperative that I refrain from pushing any narrow...

Choose Happiness: Return to Colgate with Less Restriction

Will Rosenblatt , Contributing Writer September 10, 2021

How have the last few weeks impacted your appreciation for Colgate? I am a sophomore from Boulder, Colorado living at 113 Broad and my name is Will Rosenblatt; welcome to my first entry in the Maroon News....

Tokyo 2020: A $15.4 Billion Nightmare 

Fabrizio Montisci, Staff Writer September 10, 2021

Less than a year after his appointment as Prime Minister of Japan under the rule of Emperor Naruhito, Yoshihide Suga (72) has announced that he will resign on Sept. 30, 2021, leading the country into new...

A Defense of Biden’s Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Reed Cleland, Staff Writer September 10, 2021

The Biden Administration’s withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan during the latter half of August is far from a horrific disaster of bureaucratic ineptitude as the 24-hour news cycle has portrayed...

Joe Biden’s Darkest Hour: Surrender in Afghanistan

Michael Hanratty, Staff Writer September 10, 2021

The War on Terror is over, and the United States did not win. Instead, President Joe Biden’s ignominious withdrawal from Afghanistan will go down as the most stunning U.S. foreign policy blunder since...

Minus the City: Starting the Year Off Right

Graci Galvez, Staff Writer September 10, 2021

Welcome to another year, and with that, another year of Minus the City. I’m excited to see how Colgate’s sex discourse unfolds over these next two semesters, and I hope to facilitate more positive...

An Open Letter to Residential Life: The Off-Campus Process is Unfair

Hanna Murphy , Commentary Editor September 10, 2021

I love Colgate. Every Spring, I leave campus with a full heart and memories of the school and specifically, the people I love that this community has given me. I left this past spring, after junior year,...

Hot Topic: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: a Fantastic Novel and Film

Robert "Jerry" Pfeifer, Staff Writer August 22, 2021

[SPOILER ALERT] Over the summer, I worked my first job as a server at a local restaurant. I worked long hours but still had too much time at home to sit in anticipation of arriving at Colgate. When...

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