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Hot Topic: Church and State – A Stronger Divide

Robert “Jerry” Pfeifer , Contributing Writer November 19, 2021

A big point of contention on religion and the pro-life vs. pro-choice debate is whether the Catholic Church should deny Communion to President Joseph R. Biden for being a proponent of pro-choice. Denying...

Hot Topic: Big-Tech vs. Free Speech

Robert “Jerry” Pfeifer , Contributing Writer November 5, 2021

Technology companies have built monopolies through social media platforms and have asserted their censorship authority to violate the First Amendment and force their “personal” beliefs on the public....

Hot Topic: Cancel Yik Yak 

Isabelle Jacobs, Contributing Writer October 29, 2021

I didn't even have to go outside to hear about the increase in COVID-19 cases earlier this semester, the Jug re-opening, or what was going on in the freshman dorms. I had Yik Yak. In a time where we're...

Hot Topic: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: a Fantastic Novel and Film

Robert "Jerry" Pfeifer, Staff Writer August 22, 2021

[SPOILER ALERT] Over the summer, I worked my first job as a server at a local restaurant. I worked long hours but still had too much time at home to sit in anticipation of arriving at Colgate. When...

A More Walkable Campus

Kara Schindler, Commentary Editor February 27, 2020

I know that advocating for Colgate’s campus to be more walkable may seem pointless given this school’s characteristically steep surroundings and the perpetual layer of ice that coats the sidewalks,...

More School Spirit at Sporting Events

Anya Steinmetz, Maroon-News Staff February 27, 2020

When I went on a tour for Colgate in the spring of my junior year of high school, my tour guide walked backward and waved hello to every other person that walked by. Students and alumni told me that practically...

Accessibility and Accommodations

Michele Shannon, Maroon-News Staff February 27, 2020

Colgate University is known for its beautiful architecture, its location on a hill and its upstate New York scenery. One problem that comes with all of these qualities, however, is that they do not take...

Why a “Free-For-All” Roommate Search Is a Bad Idea

Alique Fisher, Maroon-News Staff February 20, 2020

The transition from high school to college is an overwhelming process as it is. Requiring incoming freshmen to find roommates themselves would simply be another burden.When I had decided on attending Colgate,...

The Positives of Picking: A Survey Can’t Tell the Whole Story

Eva Wen, Maroon-News Staff February 20, 2020

Colgate stopped allowing roommate selection for first-year students in 2018. Thus, there is a split on campus today between juniors and seniors who had the chance to choose their first-year roommates and...

Colgate’s Core Curriculum Can’t Continue

Miller Downer, Assistant Commentary Editor February 13, 2020

As more than twenty Colgate students begrudgingly funnel into their 8:20 clutching copies of Plato's Republic, it becomes evidently clear that not only did no one do the reading, but everyone is also perfectly...

The Benefits of Making Learning Open and Accessible

Michele Shannon, Maroon-News Staff February 13, 2020

As a sophomore here at Colgate, I am currently in my final semester of taking classes that fit into the core requirements. After having met these requirements over the past four semesters, I am able to...

A Non-Athlete’s Perspective: Don’t Give Greek Life More Power

Elizabeth McNamara, Maroon-News Staff February 6, 2020

Colgate has come to be synonymous with Greek life. Though the prevalence of fraternities and sororities on campus has historically incited great debate among students and administrators alike, there’s...

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