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Letter to the Editor: Community Member Reminds Students Not to Trespass on Private Property

May 3, 2018

Dear Students,As your year at Colgate winds down, we hope that you are able to enjoy a little of the beautiful countryside surrounding the campus and the village. However, we want to remind you that most of the land outside of the village is privately owned, including the land on Hamilton Hill Road w...

Letter to the Editor: Dawn LaFrance Responds to Effort to Further Diversify Mental Health at Colgate

May 3, 2018

Dear Colgate Community,The Colgate Counseling Center recently received feedback from Inclusive Colgate during an open forum and the Student Government Association in a Resolution for Further Diversification of the Mental Health at Colgate. Both student groups asked for a diversification of our staff...

Letter to the Editors: Concern Regarding Congresswoman Tenney (R-NY)

Mike Foran, Class of 1982

March 1, 2018

Dear Colgate community,I write you as a concerned member of the Class of 1982. Congresswoman and Colgate alumna (Class of 1983) Claudia Tenney is in the news today for giving a radio interview about the mass shooting at a Florida high school and her comments saying that “…so many of these people tha...

Letter to the Editors re: “Being Right: Politics, Popular Culture and Patriotism”

Eli Horwatt, Visiting Assistant Professor of Film & Media Studies

November 2, 2017

While I am reluctant to weigh in on the editorial perspectives of Colgate students as a Colgate faculty member, I find myself in a position of feeling unable to restrain myself from the deep misapprehension of history, art and culture asserted in the article “Being Right: Politics, Popular Culture and Patri...

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