Beatrice Triches


Beatrice Triches

Alena Maiolo, Baker's Dozen Editor

Beatrice Triches is originally from a small town in northeastern Italy called Belluno. To explore her passion, she had to leave her hometown to investigate languages in their native locales.

While growing up in Belluno, Triches was surrounded by many languages. In addition to Italian, which was spoken at home and with friends, and Veneto, an Italian dialect common in her town, she was required to learn English and another language in middle school. Thus, Triches is multilingual, with the ability to speak Italian, English, French and some Portuguese.

Of her foreign languages, she is most comfortable speaking English and has found a true love for it.

“I think it was in middle school when I realized I really liked English, and as soon as I had the possibility to go to the [United] States during high school as an exchange student and improve it, I seized the opportunity right away,” Triches said. 

After her high school years in the United States, she returned to Italy to attend the University of Bologna. 

“My college experience was amazing even with all the ups and downs… This was mainly thanks to the people I met; they helped me grow in every aspect of my life. The college experience in Italy is completely different from Colgate and the American experience. However, there is one common denominator: this process of growth and change,” Triches said.

In addition to personal growth, Triches also grew intellectually in Bologna, studying translation and interpretation.

She has returned to the United States to further pursue her passion for English and languages in general.

“Languages have always been a fundamental part of my life and studies. I find them extremely fascinating. I believe what I like the most about them is the possibility they give you to explore a different world, to see things from a different point of view,” Triches said.

Currently, Triches is involved in a graduate program with the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, specializing in language teaching. A partnership between the universities has brought Triches here to teach Italian.

After teaching at Colgate and completing her degree, she plans to share her love of languages with others.

“My plans after Colgate are first of all graduating and then finding a job as a teacher somewhere in the world, maybe in the other hemisphere and maybe in a warm place. This tells you how (not) ready I am to face the Colgate winter,” Triches said.

Although her first Colgate winter will be cold, Triches’ memories of home and her favorite food will keep her warm.

“It’s hard to tell what my favorite food is. I would like to answer ‘Whatever my grandma cooks.’ I am also very stereotypically Italian, and I love everything that is real Italian food. I love how Italian food is simple and delicious at the same time. I love making pizza because I find kneading the dough very therapeutic and stress-relieving. And then you get to enjoy pizza, so what more?” she said.

Hopefully, Triches will be able to grace the Keck Center with some delicious Italian food as she continues to share her knowledge of Italian with students.