Girls Rush to Sisterhood

Girls Rush to Sisterhood

This week, floods of Colgate’s female students rushed down the hill, excited to become part of the Greek Life system that makes up about a third of the student body.

“The Recruitment process and sorority life provide an incredible opportunity for networking, social growth and self-discovery. I believe that in choosing to become a part of a values-based organization, one learns more about herself,” Colgate Panhellenic Association President and senior Michelle Vatalaro said.

Vatalaro’s role is to ensure that the Potential New Members (PNM’s) as well as all current Chapter members adhere to all rules imposed by the National Panhellenic Council.

“Being a part of a sorority will lead to a more holistic development of their character, their intellect and social engagement,” Rick McClendon, Interim Director of Greek Life, said.

In his opinion, being part of Greek Life is a life-long commitment that will leave a “lasting impression on the entire Colgate community as they commit to the ideals set forth by their national organizations.”

This year’s recruitment class is full of “wonderful, gifted women who bring many diverse backgrounds and experiences to the Greek Community,” Vatalaro said.

The Formal Recruitment process, according to Vatalaro, involves matching the selections made by the members of the chapter with the preferences designated by the PNM’s.

Prior to the process, much preparation wa needed. Vatalaro and the Executive Board of the Panhellenic Association made sure that the computer system was working properly and that the Recruitment Counselors were trained. During the rush process, these Recruitment Counselors serve as aids for the PNMs and guide them through the decision-making process, while answering any questions that they might have.

From year-to-year, the Formal Recruitment process remains the same; however, following Recruitment this year, the three chapters will determine what, if any, changes should be suggested to the next Panhellenic Executive Board.

On September 16 of last year, Kappa Alpha Theta was suspended for four years for a hazing inciddent. During the suspension, the sorority is not allowed partake in any sorority related activities, including the recruitment of new members. With the four-year suspension came a sorority scene with one less chapter able to recruit incoming sophomores interested in the Greek Life at Colgate.

According to Vatalaro, this year’s Recruitment schedule, which previously lasted five days, was decreased to four because there are only three chapters (Delta Delta Delta, Gamma Phi Beta and Kappa Kappa Gamma) able to recruit. Extra precautions were taken to ensure a fun and safe experience for the PNMs and the current members because the class size of rushing sophomores was anticipated to be especially large this year. Although it seemed the amount of sophomores rushing was on the rise, this year’s turnout was lower than expected.

“We anticipated that we would have an unusually large rush class, but actually had a significantly smaller rush class this year than the last two years,” Vatalaro said.

She believes that the smaller class size this year “will enable the New Members to both find an intimate community and to expand their social networks.”