Commisioner’s Report: IM Football and Kickball

Division I Football: After two weeks of Intramural play, Sigma Chi A looks like the Florida to everyone else’s Charleston Southern. The two-time champions defeated Phi Tau 49-14 and Nagle’s Bagles 35-22 en route to a first-place start in League A. The senior quartet of Pete Smith, Matt Usdin, Jon Gimber and Jake Moore causes match-up problems all over the field, and they are once again the front-runners to take the crown.

Nagle’s Bagles (the Commish’s Pick for team name of the year), SuperBad, Slytherin, That Important and Sigma Chi B are the strongest contenders who could knock Sigma A off their throne. Sigma B beat SuperBad 20-14 on a last-second touchdown thrown from junior Mike Naughton to classmate Matt Kissane. However, special teams woes doomed Sigma B in a 28-26 loss to upstart That Important, last year’s Division II Champs. That Important also defeated Slytherin, who in turn have crushed the Roswell Ray Guns and Phi Tau and squeaked by SuperBad, giving them a 3-1 record thus far.

Theta Chi has started out with a respectable 1-1 record, after an impressive 15-14 win over Beta in week one. Tach got a last-second touchdown after junior Sam Worth made an impressive catch in the end zone. Tach then went the gutsy route and attempted a two-point conversion, which was successful. The Theta Chi-Beta game was also noteworthy because three injuries took place in one half, something this Commissioner hopes to never see again. Beta, Phi Tau, Brigham Young, Roswell Ray Guns, OCU Ones and Brothers currently bring up the rear of Division I.

D-I MVP Watch: Pete Smith is strongly making his case to become a three-time IM Football MVP. He leads a team that has averaged 42 points per game thus far. However, if Sigma Chi B makes a run, look for junior Matt Kissane to enter the mix. His leaping Hail Mary catch for a touchdown against Super Bad is the highlight of the year thus far. Also contending are Super Bad’s senior defensive tackle Neil Patel and That Important quarterback Johnny Lembeck.

Division II Football: Right now, it’s Phi Delt and everyone else in the lower division. Phi Delt currently sits pretty at 3-0 after convincing victories over The Dynasty, Fighting Coxmen and Victorious Secret. If Phi Delt finishes the regular season undefeated, it will most certainly grab the No. 1 seed in the playoffs.

Fighting for the number 2 seed are Victorious Secret, Bare-Handed Bears, Killer Tofu and Previa. Victorious Secret ran into a tough Brothers team and Phi Delt, but they are the Commish’s Pick to bounce back with a good second half to the year. Killer Tofu has had quite the season thus far. The senior-laden squad lost a 35-34 heartbreaker to start the season after a failed two-point conversion following a 4th-and-10 touchdown with no time left. The following game was a 35-34 win over Previa. KT scored a touchdown plus an extra point with less than a minute left on 4th-and-15, and held their collective breath after a 20-yard field goal went Scott Norwood and sailed wide right with three seconds remaining. A 35-28 win over Miller High Life rounds out their season.

Previa, led by senior superstars Kevin McCrary and Gordie Brummer, has crushed Miller High Life and the Mighty Ducks, stating their case to knock Phi Delt off their proverbial throne. The Bare-Handed Bears don’t need gloves to be successful, but this sophomore squad needs to play some games when rush week is over, as they are only 2-0 at present. First-year squads Dynasty, Miller High Life and Mighty Ducks have not found their footing yet in the league, while the Fighting Coxmen continue to fight hard in pursuit of a win.

D-II MVP Watch: Phi Delt junior quarterback Eric Conocerti is an absolute terror to guard on the field, and he is the Commish’s early-season MVP. He is quick and shifty, and causes match-up problems for every defender that is left in his wake. Killer Tofu QB Raipher Pellegrino is an excellent field general, much like New York Giants’ QB Eli Manning, and is the runner-up for MVP at the moment.

Kickball: The Freshman 15 won the inaugural IM Kickball tournament at Colgate on Sunday, September 13, 2009. The rookie squad defeated Killer Chi 7-3 in the semifinals and RIP Gluten 7-5 in the finals. Rip Gluten defeated The Comets 11-4 in their semifinal game, while Killer Chi bounced back and also defeated the Comets 6-1 in the third-place game.