In The Light: Lindsey Simpson



Whether performing on stage or participating off of it, senior Lindsey Simpson has become a familiar face around the Colgate campus and Hamilton community. As a senior, Simpson takes part in a number of activities on campus that complement her diverse personality and ranging ambitions. As an active member in the theater programs on campus, especially Masque and Triangle and the Student Musical Theater Company (SMuTCo), Simpson is in charge of putting together and directing certain shows throughout the year at Colgate. Each semester Simpson co-directs a cabaret performance, a much beloved musical tradition on campus with a strong fan base.

When describing Colgate’s cabaret, Simpson highlighted its unique and fun feel that sets it apart from other campus productions.

“[It’s] all different types of music; a collection of musical theater songs, usually with a theme,” Simpson said.

This semester’s theme is called ‘I Sing,’ which focuses on the aspect of change and self-discovery. “I Sing” Cabaret will be directed by all seniors, including Simpson, Tessa Drake, Laura McDonald and Mike Peterson. Simpson was adamant about the fact that the production proves to be a group effort that depends on the help of her fellow senior directors.

The point of the cabaret performance is to attract students with an interest in musical theater that may have other activities and obligations as well. Cabaret is a four-week process, with limited commitment, that is actually scheduled around the participating students after auditions are conducted.

As a sister of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority House, a LINK staff member, Konosioni member and a participant in the University Choir, Simpson knows how busy and complicated a Colgate senior’s life can get. However, Simpson also maintains a passion for theater and believes that the Colgate program is mostly “undiscovered.” She acts as an advocate for the Colgate theater organization in order to attract more students to what she believes to be an extremely worthwhile activity.

As an English literature major and a participant in the elementary education-certification program, Simpson is looking ahead to the possibility of graduate school and dreams of being an “inclusive” teacher, which combines education for both typical and special needs students. While spending a short time with Simpson, one can see she has many strong leadership qualities and high aspirations. She truly makes good use of her time at Colgate.