Predictions for the 2009 NFL Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The leaves will soon be changing, the Jug is now open and bumping, the weather is quite delightful, no one has any real work yet and, most importantly, the NFL season is about to kickoff. Last season certainly had some ups (watching Wade Phillips celebrate after the Cowboys made an extra point) and downs (watching Tom Brady crush the dreams of every boy and grown man in New England when he tore his ACL). It’s a new year though, and with it comes hope for every team, except the Lions. Let us look into my crystal ball and make some predictions.

M.V.P. – Call me crazy, but I am going with Tom Brady. Many of you may be thinking, “This guy is nuts! No human can bounce back after missing a year of action.” I agree with this, but Tom Brady is no regular human. He looked like his old self in preseason and Randy Moss is looking just as spectacular. Brady has the skill, weapons and coach to win the M.V.P. award and Super Bowl every year.

Defensive Player of the Year – The choice here is obvious, DeMarcus Ware. Ware ended last season with godly numbers. He had 20 sacks, 84 tackles and nine tackles for a loss. His combination of speed and power is unrivaled, and I feel sorry for any offensive lineman who will attempt to block him.

Comeback Player of the Year – Tom Brady. There is no explanation needed.

Coach of the Year – Assuming Brian Westbrook is healthy, the Coach of the Year will be Andy Reid. The Philadelphia Eagles are going to a have a monstrous season and Reid is the perfect man to deal with the Donovan McNabb/ Michael Vick Duo.

Rookie of the Year – Who cares? Tim Tebow is still in college.

Idiot of the Year – The pick here has to be Plaxico Burress. The man could be getting paid millions of dollars to play a game, but instead he is in prison snuggling with a man named Viola. Tough Break.

NFC East Winner – The Eagles will be an excellent football team and win the division. With the additions of Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy and Michael Vick, the Eagles have the most athletic offense in the league. My Cowboys will win the Wild Card, assuming Tony Romo does not get back together with Jessica Simpson.

NFC South Winner – Drew Brees will have another huge year (he had 5,069 yards and 34 touchdowns last year) and will lead the Saints to the first round of the playoffs. Their defense will then lead them to a crushing defeat. The Falcons will get a wild-card spot.

NFC North Winner – It would be against my moral code to pick the Vikings, as Brett Favre is my least favorite person in the great country of America. Thus, I am picking the Packers. Although Aaron Rodgers is one of the ugliest men in the NFL, he will have a big year.

NFC West Winner – Everyone is picking the Cardinals here, but I am feeling edgy and will pick the Rams. Steven Jackson and his offensive line will finally stay healthy.

AFC East Winner – Tom Brady.

AFC South Winner – This is the year the Texans finally compete. Andre Johnson could be the best receiver in football and this team has had to many high draft picks to not be good. The Colts will get a Wild Card.AFC North Winner- The Bengals are going to be the offense of old and compete with the Steelers for the division. The Steelers will probably win it, but Chad Ochocinco will be smiling the entire season, as the Bengals will get a wild-card bid.

AFC West Winner – The Chargers are not as good as most people think, but they will win the division by default, as the Raiders, Broncos and Chiefs are all capable of competing with the Lions for worse team in football.

Super Bowl – Tom Brady vs. Eagles. Tom Brady wins.