Who Let the Dogs Out? Introducing Philly’s Worst Nightmare

They did it all for the Ookie (come on), the Ookie (come on) so they can take that cheese steak and stick it up their (yeah). It’s difficult to find a parallel between the incendiary band Limp Bizkit and the infamous Michael Vick, aka Ookie. But it is easy to see that the Philadelphia Eagles did it all for the Ookie. That is, they certainly risked it all. The Eagles jeopardized their relationship with Donovan McNabb, their fans and PETA by signing him. And while Vick may become a huge asset to the Eagles in the future, the odds of it paying off this year seem slim. Yes, they have stolen Brett Favre’s thunder and rained down on Tom Brady’s comeback parade. But why would a team coming off a stellar season and still holding a strong roster including the electrifying young studs DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy, feel the need to sign another flex-type player to their squad? There’s only one ball to go around in Philly, and a team with McNabb, Jackson, and McCoy, plus Brian Westbrook and Kevin Curtis, is certainly an odd landing spot for Michael Vick. The Eagles – a team many project to win the NFC East and even the Super Bowl – have a lot to lose by signing the Ookie.

On one hand, kudos to Vick. He went to jail for less time than Cheddar Plax, looks to be in great shape, and is back on his grind, “makin’ dat paper.” He did his time and that’s that. The NFL is not governed by the Supreme Court. It has a commissioner (Goodell) who makes all of the decisions regarding players. Whether or not you agree with Michael Vick’s prison sentence, he is a free man, and if he wants to flip burgers at McDonald’s or toss a football around for the Eagles, he’s allowed to do just that. Everyone knows he made absurdly dumb decisions and had even dumber friends. But that’s all dust in the wind. And he has a talent that simply cannot be taught or groomed. He is a freak of an athlete. Between his blunt rides and dog-fights, Vick was actually one of the best quarterbacks, and absolutely the biggest matchup nightmare in the NFL. Vick is the same guy that went into Lambeau Field in January and ate Brett Favre’s lunch. He is the same guy who was so dominant that he couldn’t even be stopped in Madden. You may not want your kids growing up to be like Mike, but if they could ball like Mike, they’d be pretty set. While he may be two years older, he’s got plenty of mileage left in those legs after resting up for two years. And he’s going to eventually run buck wild again.

On the flip side, Andy Reid’s ego and belief that he can make any situation work seems to have gotten in the way of logic. Donovan McNabb has had a shaky relationship with the Eagles ever since he was drafted. The Eagles also have had an awful history with their players-every season, they either have a player hold out or demand a trade because their front office refuses to give them the money they deserve. Now McNabb, who finally seemed happy in Philly, has to look over his shoulder and see Vick’s younger, fresher, and more athletic figure donning an Eagles helmet on the sideline. He already complained that Vick’s presence disrupted the offense’s flow in last week’s preseason game. That’s not a good sign.