Keep it Classy, Keep it Colgate

Unfortunately, I have sweatpants that say “Lafayette” in huge block letters down the side. Even more unfortunately, they are the most comfortable sweats I own. Last week as I got dressed I put them on just like I would any other pants, but I couldn’t leave my dorm room with them on. It felt so strange to be here at Colgate but to be wearing another school’s name.

Reluctant to commit this heinous act of treason, I turned them inside out and walked down to the gym. People asked why my pants were inside out, and I doubt it looked classy (do sweatpants ever look classy?), but it was worth it. I stayed loyal to Colgate.

This episode then made me aware that some students don’t take this issue as seriously as I do. Recently, everywhere I look, I see students sporting other schools’ names across their chests and down their legs. Georgetown, Duke, and Boston College are popular around here and I don’t really understand why. After noticing this peculiar pattern, I became curious. Do we wear these clothes as a way to casually say, “Yeah, I got into these other schools too,” or do we just get dressed in the dark? Do we plan to transfer to these schools or do we just like making fellow students feel uncomfortable? Just a reminder to everyone on campus: this is Colgate.

I understand that there might be better explanations for wearing clothes from other institutions. There could be family loyalty: maybe your brother goes to Davidson or your dad graduated from Cornell. That’s great, and it’s cute that you are supporting your family. I don’t have that problem since my siblings are younger than me and my dad graduated from Colgate. I have never had such a terrible conflict awaiting me every time I looked in my closet.

To those of you that have to deal with such an issue, waking up everyday must be a struggle. I can’t imagine being in your position, but to make it easier, lay out your (Colgate) clothes the night before. This way, when you are still half asleep and not yet in the correct mindset, you won’t be tempted to clothe yourself in inappropriate attire.

If you have the uncontrollable urge to support your family and wear clothes from family members’ alma maters, you can wear the clothes inside out! I don’t hold any rights to the idea, and that way, the letters on the inside of your shirt will be even closer to your heart than if they were on the outside for the whole world to see.

I have to admit, I do wear clothes that say the name of my high school and even grammar school, but that seems more acceptable than wearing clothes supporting other colleges. We don’t play my high school in the Patriot League and I don’t think Colgate has a rivalry with my grammar school.

Sometimes, we don’t think straight. When in doubt, keep it Colgate.

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