In The Light: Dave Kusnetz

In The Light: Dave Kusnetz

For Dave Kusnetz, the last four years have been a whirlwind of activity. Throughout his Colgate career, Kusnetz, the President of the Student Government Association (SGA), has been involved in a variety of student groups, including the Student Affairs and Conduct Boards and several SGA taskforces with initiatives like improving the cruiser schedule and making the campus more environmentally friendly.

In his sophomore year, Kusnetz was involved in the rewriting of the SGA constitution, an experience that not only changed SGA dramatically, but also meant a lot to Kusnetz. The new constitution has allowed for a lot more cooperation between the students and the administration.

“SGA has really been more involved with the needs of the student body,” Kusnetz said. The initiatives that have come out of the new constitution include the Unity Task Force.

Kusnetz has also participated in the Sidekick program for the past three years and enjoys hanging out and playing sports with his Sidekick every Friday. He has also traveled extensively with the Debate Team, a club he has been a member of for all four of his Colgate years. Kusnetz’s experience with Debate inspired one piece of advice for those who have a few more years here in Hamilton.

“Get out of your room, turn off the X-Box and experience Colgate,” Kusnetz urged.

Though Kusnetz has been incredibly involved on campus for every semester he has spent here, he also took some time to learn outside the cozy confines of Hamilton. He spent the spring semester of his junior year studying in Washington, D.C. where the political science major interned at the United States Supreme Court. That experience was so enjoyable for Kusnetz that it inspired him to look for work in the D.C. area. Though he hasn’t exactly figured out what he’ll be doing after graduation (taking five classes in his last semester hasn’t left much time for job-searching), Kusnetz is hoping to go into environmental policy and is considering attending law school.

Now that Kusnetz is facing the last two weeks of his college career, every day brings a different emotion.

“I’m realizing that I’m no longer in the game,” said Kusnetz. “But I’m confident that I’m leaving Colgate without any regrets.”

And although moving on may come with a variety of emotions, Kusnetz never worried that he made the wrong decision in coming to Colgate and will take the memories of his time here with him.

“I had an incredible time and I wouldn’t have changed it for anything,” Kusnetz said.