Alumni Column – Tweet For Our Troops

It is amazing to be sitting here, writing from our home, just three years since Bob’s near-fatal injury from a roadside bomb while reporting from Iraq. Outside the window, the spring bulbs are poking through the ground. SpongeBob’s annoying laugh reverberates through the family room, riveting my twins to the couch. I can’t help but think, “How did life get so back to normal for us?” In fact, I think about that a lot.

We are so lucky. We had what so many service members do not–unlimited resources through ABC News, a strong community of support, the ability for family to be with Bob at all times, extensive and unlimited rehabilitation and a job waiting for him when he recovered. I wish the same were true for the 1.65 million service members who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, many for multiple deployments., an initiative of the Bob Woodruff Foundation, was founded to help the families of those soldiers who have returned from war and are finding it hard to re-enter the lives they left to serve. They may be one of the more than 320,000 brain injured–struggling with processing information, reading or even carrying on a conversation. Or maybe they are among the more than 300,000 suffering from post-traumatic stress, or the 35,000 with other physical ailments. These men and women have given so much, and now they need all of us in America to come together and help.

This Memorial Day, Bob and I will be tweeting to show our support for the troops. We hope you will too – and that you’ll urge all of your friends to join us. Since September 11, our troops are the only ones who have been asked to sacrifice. When called upon, each one volunteered to leave their lives and families and brave the horrors of war. They stood up for all of us, and they served.

By pledging $1.00 every time you tweet this Memorial Day, you too are helping in a very big way to come together as a community and heal these heroes. It’s such a small act of compassion and support, but it can have such a big impact.

Remember, no matter what you think about the war, this is about the warrior. It is about showing gratitude to the soldiers who left to serve and need help now that they are home.

And it is about how we can come together as citizens, as neighbors, as a community and as a nation. The people who selflessly served are asking for our help, and helping is easier than ever. Go to and sign up now. This Memorial Day, with your help, we hope to raise $1.65 million–one dollar for every soldier who has served since 9/11.

For so long, so many people have wanted to help, but didn’t know quite how. Now you can take action – and all you have to do is lift a finger. Go to and sign up to tweet for the troops this Memorial Day. Together we can make such an incredible difference in the lives of the soldiers who served and the families who care for them.