Raiders After Colgate: Going Pro in Something Other than Sports

Interviews Garrett Ley, Mitch Waxman

Throughout the televised NCAA competitions, viewers are constantly reminded that the majority of NCAA ahletes are, “going pro in something other than sports.” After graduation, most Raider athletes will be moving on from sports. The Maroon-News wanted to know what our Raiders will be doing next year.

Jackie Adlam (Volleyball): “Next year I will be working in NYC doing fashion marketing.”

Mark Anderson (Hockey): “Pro hockey in Europe but don’t know where yet.”

Matt Barton (Soccer): “I plan on working for the U.S. Soccer Federation as a Team Coordinator for the Youth National Teams. I would be working at the U.S. Soccer National Training Center in Carson, CA.”

Peter Bogdanich (Hockey): “After graduating, I plan to play professional hockey in Europe for a couple of years.”

Ashley Bottger (Swimming): “I’m still swimming, and I’m training for U.S. Nationals in July. I will be coaching a local swim team at home over the summer, but I have no concrete plans for next year, however I am planning to go to graduate school for Social Work in the near future.”

Sam Breslin (Football): “After graduation, I am heading to Europe to play football professionally in Finland.”

Lauren Carey (Field Hockey): “I am going to be working at Neighborhood Diabetes in Woburn, MA in the client services department.”

Nancy Clayton (Lacrosse): “I will be interning with Vanity Fair in New York City for the summer.”

Spencer Cooperman (Lacrosse): “Next year I’m going to medical school At Rocky Vista University in Denver, Colorado.”

Keaton Cross (Golf): “After graduation I will be traveling to Charlotte, NC where I will by caddying for my friend who will be playing on the Tar Heel Tour as a professional golfer.”

Joe DeBello (Hockey): “Professional Hockey in the U.S.”

Ryan Dowgin (Football): “I’ll be going pro of course. Ok, that’s not true at all, I’m still in the process of looking for a job. Hopefully in sports in some capacity, but really as long as it pays money I’m interested.”

Brian Doyle (Football): “I’m moving to Chicago and working for a Medical Payment Sales Company called Retriever.”

Sara Drexler (Lacrosse): “I don’t know what I’ll be doing next year, but it will either be working in high school or college admissions, or moving to Wyoming with my teammate Skull Dawg.”

Chris Ekpo (Football): “My plans for next year is to find a salary-based job in commercial banking in Atlanta, GA. I already have a job with First Investors Corporation as a Financial Sales Representative; however, I am still debating if I should continue with a commission-based job during this economic period.”

Erin Fenn (Tennis): “I’m looking to go into advertising or public relations, hopefully somewhere on the east coast or in the midwest.”

Laura Flisnik (Field Hockey): “I’m in the process of figuring out what medical school I will be attending in the fall. At this point it looks like I will be going to Georgetown University School of Medicine in August.”

Jason Fredricks (Hockey): “I finished this season with the Providence Bruins in the AHL, and hope to pursue my professional career next season with the same team or somewhere in Europe, possibly Finland.”

Andrea Fuzagot (Track and Field): “I will be dedicating all my time training for the Class of ’32 Alumni Mile in the hopes of beating out this year’s winner, Luke Merkel (Class of ’06). As this is going to require all my effort, I have rejected the abundant number of job offerings I have received in order to turn my full attention towards achieving this goal.”

Erin Gomez (Softball): “I plan on getting an internship at a local architecture firm, and then applying to graduate school for architecture in the spring.”

Laura Jansen (Hockey): “I’m currently trying to find a job in advertising or branding for next year, but my plans are undecided at the moment.

Oliver Jansen (Rowing): “I’m taking next year off to be a park ranger at Sequoia National Park (ideally, otherwise some other one) — after that it’s grad school in comp-sci for me.”

Josie Johnson (Soccer): “I will be working as an analyst for Donoghue & Associates, Inc., a trial consulting firm located in Chicago.”

Sarah Kellogg (Lacrosse): “I have no set plans for next year although I am hoping to move to Wyoming to teach skiing for the winter.”

Daniel Kerley (Soccer): “I am going to work in New York City as an Investment Banking Analyst in the health care Division at Morgan Stanley.”

Jessica Kielty (Track and Field, XC): “Next year I’ll be moving to NYC and working as a financial analyst for Unilever.”

Kristen Kiraly (Track and Field/XC): “Well I don’t have any definite plans yet, but…. I’m looking to travel this summer and then work in sports marketing in New York City come the Fall. I also plan to join a soccer league and to continue running in road races, among other activities.”

Sarah Kruse (Rowing): “I will be working in healthcare administration in a hospital in New York City. A few years down the road I plan on getting my MBA in healthcare management.”

Curry Knox (Track and Field): “At this moment I do not know what I will be doing next year. I will most likely head back to the west coast, either Seattle or the Bay area. I plan on applying to graduate school to an MFA in Creative Writing next year.”

Matt Leach (Soccer): “Living in New York City. Working for Barclays Capital as a member of their first year analyst program.”

Martin MacIntyre (Tennis): “I am looking to work at NBC News Washington or teach and coach at a private school in the Washington DC area.”

Lisa Marchi (Swimming): “Currently, I am looking into Graduate programs for Architecture. This summer I will be at the Harvard Graduate School of Design for 6 weeks in their Career Discovery Program.”

Ted Marshall (Football): “As for me, I will most likely be in Ohio. I plan on joining the United States Marshalls Service, but I have to gain a little experience first. For this reason, I will be in Ohio trying to gain this experience.”

Montek Mayal (Golf): “I am planning to play golf professionaly for a year or so but at the same time I am trying to venture into the health services and tourism industry by trying to jump start my own company.”

Ashley Mecone (Track and Field): “I’ll be attending Northeastern Graduate School in Boston pursuing both an MBA and an MSA.”

Christopher Monterosso (Rowing): “I will be attending law school.”

Dave Morgan (Football): “I plan on going back to South Florida and getting a job then heading to Europe to play football.”

Emily Murphy (Swimming): “I will be working to create a time traveling machine so my friends and I can go back to Fall 2005 and relive our college years.”

Parker Paulin (Rowing): “After graduation I’ll be moving into New York City to pursue a career in investment banking. I will be living with Michael Needle ’09, Matt Guber ’08, and Ivan Karaivanov ’06.”

Will Planer (Lacrosse): “As of right now I am unemployed due to our country’s current financial situation. I did have plans to work at either a brokerage or a hedge fund. However, this fell through when the market crashed. Nevertheless, I plan on taking the summer off and traveling. I also plan on doing community service as well. After that I have no idea what will happen. Eitherway, I plan on being in New York City and hopefully working for a company on Wall Street.”

Merryl Pohl (Volleyball): “So far my plans include working at a summer camp in Estes Park, Colorado until August. After that I hope to be living the dream wherever I choose.”

Gretchen Polinski (Basketball): “I’ll be going to graduate school in Ohio and working towards a masters in either exercise science or exercise physiology.”

Erin Poulter (Lacrosse): “Next year I will be teaching elementary special education in New Orleans as part of Teach For America.”

Meredith Remmer (Rowing): “After graduation, I’m headed to Medical School in the Fall to become a doctor – I am still deciding where. “

Richard Rosabella (Football): “I will be going home to Naples, Florida and will be working as an Area Director for N2 Publishing. I will be working with a few communities in Naples to develop a monthly publication.”

Nick St. Pierre (Hockey): “I will pursue a professional career in Hockey for as long as I can. Then, who knows? Only the future will tell.”

Justin Snyder (Football): “For the summer, I plan on taking on an assistant football coach position at Blairsville High, Blairsville, PA. I plan on getting my substitute teachers certification, substituting within the Blairsville School district for the on coming year. From there I will either continue to pursue a teaching and coaching career or a turn to a career in sales.”

Ryane Staples (Track and Field): “I plan on pursuing my masters or PhD in either Exercise Science or Nutritional Science. With these additional degrees, it will open up a variety of options that are appealing, including being a professor or a coach, working with athletes and students alike.”

Cameron Thaney (Tennis): “I’m hoping to move to Washington, D.C. and get a job in media.”

Clancy Todd (Hockey): “I will be teaching English in Italy this summer. Also, starting in August, I will be working for Readak Educational Services.”

Tiana Tyeskey (Softball): “I will be working for Teach For America, teaching social studies in Jacksonville, Florida.”

Glenn Volk (Soccer): “If everything works out I will end up in L.A., or San Francisco but its a waiting game and I haven’t heard anything from the companies I’ve sent application to just yet. If that doesn’t work out I am a few credits short of completing my medical school requirements so I will head back to school to to take biology and physics.”

Beverly Walker (Swimming): “My plans for next year include graduate study in Earth and Environmental Science at Vanderbilt University, which will hopefully lead to working on research in Antarctica.”

Maddie Watrobski (Field Hockey): “Moving back to Rochester, NY for a job in the sciences. Hopefully volunteer assistant coaching field hockey at the University of Rochester until the assistant position opens the fall of 2010 when I can officially start coaching.”

Emmett Weatherford (Track and Field/XC): “I’ll first work as the teaching assistant for Colgate Geology Department’s summer field course, and then work in a 3-month internship at Pipestones National Monument in Lincoln, Nebraska. Beyond that, I have no immediate plans.”

Calla Yee (Softball): “I will be attending law school.”

Katrina Zawojski (Volleyball): “Right after graduation, I am returning to my home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to resume training in my hopes of becoming a professional beach volleyball player.”