In The Light – Sarah Kruse

Hannah Guy

Sarah Kruse’s schedule is filled to the brim. She serves as the Vice President of the Konosioni Senior Honor Society, the captain of the women’s rowing team and is a member of the Link staff. Those activities, combined with a challenging academic curriculum barely leave room for sleep.

Kruse has enjoyed getting to be a part of Konosioni this year and is excited to be planning the group’s upcoming annual Charity Auction. Still, it is her commitment to the rowing team that takes up the vast majority of Kruse’s time. The team holds practices eight times a week all year long. She is particularly busy with rowing right now as the spring season starts this weekend. Still, the friends that come with the team balance the long hours of practice and painful workouts.

“It’s like having another family at school,” Kruse said. “You learn more than you could ever want to know about each other.”

A molecular biology major, Kruse is hoping to work in healthcare administration after graduation, having spent last summer interning at a health insurance company. Kruse described her internship as a great experience and a good starting point for a career in healthcare administration.

But even as she looks ahead to the future, Kruse is savoring her last year here. As only six weeks remain in her Colgate career, she said that this spring will be bittersweet.

“It’s my favorite time of the year with racing season and everything that’s going on around campus,” Kruse said.

The idea that she won’t be returning to Colgate next fall hasn’t totally sunk in for Kruse yet.

As she becomes more acutely aware of her diminishing time here, Kruse advises other students to realize the opportunities they have here.

“Take advantage of the time you have,” Kruse warned. “It really flies.”

Still, Kruse knows that though she will be leaving campus, she will never really leave Colgate behind.

“I don’t think I’ve ever walked into an airport in a Colgate sweatshirt without meeting an alum who just wanted to talk about what was happening on campus,” Kruse said, describing a scenario familiar to both current and former students.

It is this connection that Kruse loves about going to school here. She named both current students and alumni as her favorite part of Colgate, and that aspect of ‘Gate will continue on much longer than the four years she spent on campus.