ROTC Opens Its Doors

ARMY HOSTS AN OPEN HOUSE IN LATHROP HALL: Members of the Colgate ROTC program held an open house on Wednesday, March 25. The event was an attempt to introduce the ROTC program, which only re-emerged this semester, to the Colgate community. Junior Stephen Kendrex, sophomore David Ko, and first-year Alan He, (pictured above) the three students who are participating in Colgate’s ROTC program, stood outside of Lathrop Hall in uniform, attracting questions from interested students. First Sergeant Ken Alcorn and the cadets are hoping to expand the ROTC program. Lieutenant Colonel Susan Hardwick, Major Stephen Wilson, and Master Sergeant Michael Samuel also attended the event. The open house was the group’s first event. President Chopp and several other members of the administration stopped by the open house.