Golf Team Loses to Emory

The golf team suffered a disappointing 4-3 match-play loss at the hands of Emory University in Alpharetta, Georgia last Sunday, March 15. Seven participants from each team were matched up against one another on this day. If a participant had a lower 18-hole score, he would win a point. Ties after 18 holes would give each team half a point.

Senior captain Keaton Cross gave ‘Gate a point with an eight-stroke victory (74-82), and first-year Ben Jessen brought home a 13-stroke win (73-86). Senior Montek Mayal and first-year Chase Williams each tied their opponents. First-year Josh Spellman, sophomore Neil Thompson and junior David Ake each lost their matches, with Ake losing by just one stroke.

Colgate will now play in the George Washington Invitational on Friday, March 20 and Saturday, March 21 in Bethany Beach, Delaware.