Charred Goosebeak Pub Night: Burning off the Beer Calories

On Friday, February 6, an intimate crowd gathered at the newly renovated Donovan’s Pub to see a performance by the improv group Charred Goosebeak. “Intimate,” because the performance was accidentally almost exclusively sent to only a select group of Colgate students on Facebook.

According to the stellar “Upcoming Colgate Events,” and even The Maroon-News”s Arts and Features article assignments, the comedy act was scheduled to take place Saturday night at the Barge. Perhaps the biggest joke of all is on anyone who showed up Saturday night. Gotcha.

The event was titled “Charred Goosebeak Presents PDA: Pub Displays of Affection.” The group guaranteed “low-calorie, environmentally-safe, MSG-free comedy.” This was partially a misnomer. With the beer bottles and wine glasses scattered across the room from the just-ending happy hour, perhaps “Charred Goosebeak Picks Up the Tab” would have been more accurate. For some, it was the end of a high-calorie Pub experience.

The show consisted of a series of games. The first game was called “Press Conference.” Two members of Charred Goosebeak left the room while the audience suggested new products that inventors could be asked about at a press conference. The audience naturally landed on “the gun bra.” The two people then came back into the room and the rest of the group dispersed into the audience, asking questions about the invention (without saying what it was) that hinted at what it could be until the two salesmen could correctly guess the product.

Next, they played “Pillars,” in which two audience participants were brought onstage. The comedians would occasionally tap the participants to be supplied with words for their scene. This game was a bit of a flop, because the audience members were uncomfortable and seemed too nervous to really think of good words.

“Film Noir Movie” came next. For this game, the comedians acted out a film noir-like scene using a title supplied by the audience. Then they played “The Bell Game,” in which people act out a scene, and every time the bell rings, the last person speaking has to change the last thing he said. One example went something like, “She’s taking night classes”-the bell rings-“she never finished high school”- the bell rings-“she can’t read.”

After that, they played “Commercial.” Some of the members of the group acted out a commercial, while other members tweaked what the commercial should be about after each commercial was performed. First, they were selling squeegees. Then they targeted the squeegees to people in Turkey. Then hookah bar owners in Turkey. Then deaf hookah bar owners in Turkey. Best line of the night: “Gobble gobble gobble bam!” as a comedian unsure how to act Turkish pretended to be a turkey slamming into a streak-free glass door.

Finally, the group played “Freeze.” People would act out a scene and, at some point, another group member would yell out “freeze!” and change places with one of those people, still staying in the position that person was frozen in.

Overall, it was a hilarious night. Maybe it was a low-calorie experience after all, people burn a lot of calories laughing.