Colgate Couture – You Know You Love Me…XOXO

Hello insiders. Gossip Girl here. Your one and only source into the exquisite taste of Colgate’s fashion elite. Ever wonder what it would be like to waltz around in an Oscar De La Renta silk robe at a friend’s sleepover? Or carry a new “it” bag every day? Well, for the leading ladies on Gossip Girl (GG), the dream is a reality. Forget the drug problems, mental breakdowns, unwanted pregnancies and underage drinking, the fashion on set brings more drama than Blair and Chuck’s daily games of secrecy and malice. From renowned designers such as Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutin, Chanel and Miu Miu, to the latest break through labels, GG fashion always brings an element of surprise.

What does a Queen Bee exude to show her power? Regal elegance of course. Never harsh, always classic, Blair Waldorf, played by actress Leighton Meester, proves both daring yet timeless in her daily attire of dresses, blouses and skirts. Don’t expect to see Blair in pants or washed out colors ever; boho-chic does not fit Blair’s quintessential upper-east side style. A true prepster at heart, Blair wears tailored classics such as blouses and skirts with solid colors and traditional patterns of stripes and tartan. A designer Blair adores? Marc Jacobs of course. In the “Bonfire of the Vanity,” Blair wore pink on pink in a Marc by Marc Jacobs bright plaid skirt, and later in the episode a Marc by Marc Jacobs Scribble Houndstooth Dress. And it’s hard to forget Blair’s charming Alice & Olivia Ombre Combo Trellis Print Dress. The black fitted top, yellow and black flare skirt and belt around the waste reminded me of Audrey Hepburn’s daytime dresses.

Want to emulate GG’s bad girl? Look for structured dresses rather than jersey material. And one thing you won’t see Blair without: lace, ruffles or bows. Pay attention to feminine details to take this look from drab to perfectly polished. Blair showcases her bold attitude through the colors of her clothes in red, yellow and orange. She also exemplifies prep school chic in her extensive headband collection, cardigans and colors of navy and red. Wear a tartan cape or a bow headband to easily emulate Blair’s style. And use tights to add dimension to day dresses and skirts. Knit, lace and color (think Blair’s red tights paired with navy shorts and flats) will not only keep you warm but make a statement.

Serena Vanderwoodsen, played by Blake Lively, is GG’s ultimate cool girl. Serena mixes high and low better than anyone else. At Thanksgiving dinner in “The Magnificent Archibalds,” Serena wore a Porter Grey mini-skirt and a silk Charmeuse t-shirt in cranberry with Ginga Nine West shoes, and fish net stockings. Dressing with an opposite attitude to Blair’s preppy roots, Serena reflects a laid back “nonchalant” style of dressing commonly compared to Kate Moss. Avant-garde designers, mix and matched patterns, Serena always thinks fashion forward taking ideas from vintage styles to create an alluring look. But she also takes inspiration from the upper-east side with preppy accents like knee high socks, oxford heels and tartan. She’s always wearing a jacket weather cropped, long, leather, wool or sequined. Even though you won’t see Blair in jeans, ever, Serena sticks with skinny pants as a wardrobe staple. Jeans, light and dark washes, pair perfectly with her jackets and vests.

But at nighttime she knows how to show her femininity and flaunts her gorgeous figure like none other. Her dresses are often simple, in black and grays, but instead of bow and lace details, Serena prefers studs and sequins. Boots are her go to walking shoes whether knee highs, booties and everything in between. She loves the Minnetonka fringe boots and Chinese Laundry over the knee suede boots for a true downtown vibe.

Whose fashion style surprised us the most this season? Of course the former good girl Jenny Humphrey. Beginning the show in innocent schoolgirl uniforms and conservative dresses, Jenny’s character has transformed into a fashion icon. Hailing from Brooklyn, Jenny doesn’t have the same access to big labels like Serena and Blair, and makes her own clothes instead, allowing for an added creativity. Her new style resembles the look of Alexander Wang’s sexy tough girls in ripped jeans, knit beanies and booties. Forget the headbands and long curls, Jenny favors slouch boots, hooded sweaters and skull necklaces. Her electric blue knit beret and black and cream plaid dress was the perfect mix of edgy and classic. So no matter what GG girl you align yourself with, take cues from all characters to create a personal style unique to you. You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl.