No Make-Up for Football Games Against Georgetown

Paul Kasabian

After the Colgate-Georgetown football game was postponed last weekend because of a norovirus outbreak on the Georgetown campus, it has been decided by athletic directors from both schools and Patriot League officials that a make-up game is not a feasible option, and the game has been officially canceled.

Colgate will now have played one game fewer than all of its Patriot League foes except for Georgetown when its regular season ends on Saturday, November 22. If Colgate finishes with the same number of losses as a first-place opponent, it will be considered a tie in the standings even though Colgate would have one fewer win.

So let’s say Colgate finishes 4-1 and Fordham finishes 5-1. Believe it or not, Colgate will finish higher than Fordham in the standings because the Raiders beat the Rams earlier in the season, winning the head-to-head tiebreaker.

It’s awfully strange, but it is the only viable option at this point because Georgetown and Colgate do not have matching bye weeks.

Colgate will host Princeton tomorrow afternoon at 1 p.m. at Andy Kerr Stadium.