In The Light – Lauren Cohen

Hannah Guy

Senior Lauren Cohen has every moment of every day planned out and scheduled to the max. And that’s exactly the way she likes it. The Vice President of Standards at Kappa Kappa Gamma (Kappa) also spends ten hours of her week working as an intern in the Admissions Office.

“The great thing about college is you can pick what you love to do and do that,” Cohen explained. And so she has.

Cohen could not be more enthusiastic about her roles on campus. As one of thirteen senior interns in the Admissions Office, Cohen works specifically with the communication team. Within that position, her duties include making sure the alumni network and information is all up-to-date and working with first-year students to improve Colgate’s mailings.

As far as Kappa goes it seems that Cohen could hardly be more involved.

“It’s my whole life!” she admitted.

As a sophomore she represented Kappa in the Senate and after returning from her fall semester abroad in London last year she took on the role of Vice President of Academics.

“I love to talk about it, to brag about our new members,” Cohen said.

A Sociology/Anthropology Major with a Political Science Minor, Cohen is a big proponent of a liberal arts education. Having interned as a production assistant on The Daily Show and in market research at L’Oreal, she has taken full advantage of the opportunities offered to Colgate students. She is hoping to continue her work with L’Oreal after graduation and readily acknowledges Colgate’s role in preparing her for the future.

“Colgate will give you whatever opportunities you want, this is your toolbox and you can choose where to go from here,” Cohen said.

As if her involvement wasn’t enough proof of her love for the school, Cohen espouses Colgate’s many qualities in almost every sentence.

“My friends make fun of me but I really am the consummate cheerleader,” she laughed. “But Colgate is one of the very few special places left where you really get a holistic education.”

Cohen did not want to discuss leaving Colgate at the end of this year. And although she is still several months removed from May, Cohen is already predicting a weepy good-bye to the school.

“I’m going to be that girl at graduation crying my own torch out,” Cohen said honestly.