Theatre from out of Town

Theatre from out of Town

Colgate has never failed in providing students with an endless array of new and different entertainment and Grupo Krapp’s performances of Olympica and Mendiolaza on October 9 and 13 were no exceptions. The performers, brought to Colgate by a large number of groups and departments including the ALANA Cultural Center, Core Cultures, Africana and Latin American Studies, Res Life and the Broad Street Fund, Romance Languages and University Studies, was a great hit. Grupo Krapp’s two exceptional and hilarious performances were enjoyed by nearly all who attended.

Grupo Krapp is a unique performance group, hailing from Cordoba, Argentina, which has been performing together since 1998. The company consists of dancers, choreographers, actors and musicians, and all of these elements are made apart of each of their shows. Though officially categorized as a Dance Theatre Company, the group’s aim is to explore new forms of expressions, drawing in on each of their individual performing talents and creating something different and enjoyable for their viewers. Olympica and Mendiolaza are two of their latest shows to do just that, and are the two which Colgate students were lucky enough to see.

The four men and one woman from Grupo Krapp who performed in Brehmer Theater seemed to throw themselves at each other or at the floor for most of the Olympica performance, often times leaving the audience members befuddled as to how bones weren’t cracking as they dived about. Still, as students watched the performers prance about in their tiny athletic shorts, their actions and movements dramatic and over-the-top, most couldn’t help but laugh at the group’s antics. In fact, whether regarding the rather Lollipop Guild-esque men on their knees singing and dancing, or watching female tears prompting the gentlemen on stage to drop their pants, there was no lack of laughter from the audience throughout Grupo Krapp’s performance. Perhaps more extraordinary to some might be the fact that they managed to do so without speaking a single word of English. The group successfully relayed their story through their actions, sounds and facial expressions, without ever having to rely on language as explanation. That skill in itself would make any performance unique, but paired with the fun and certainly different theatrical presentation Grupo Krapp put on made Olympica that much more special.

“It was really interesting to see how the group moved and the emotions they could convey,” first-year Lizzie Martin said of the performance. “They were really great.”

There is no doubt that both of Grupo Krapp’s performances-Olympica and Mendiolaza-were incredibly successful and entertaining. The group’s unique theatrical talents and hilarious fun and individuality were a great thing for Colgate students to experience.