In The Light – Jenn Lee

Hannah Guy

At times, it seems like life stands still in this happy, picturesque Colgate bubble. But for senior Jenn Lee, the administrative leader of the female a cappella group Swinging Gates, her time here has flown.

It’s not surprising to hear that Lee’s first three years passed so quickly once one finds out about her involvement on campus. In addition to her role with the Gates, Lee is also involved with the COVE through the Sidekicks mentoring program. This will be her fourth year as a Sidekick for a Hamilton boy, an activity she particularly enjoys. Lee also volunteers her time working with autistic children in Utica through the Kelberman Center, a project she first became involved with through her Educational Psychology class last semester. And, as a Cellular Neuroscience concentrator, Lee has spent more than a few hours in labs over the course of her Colgate career.

The Gates do take up a large part of her time with several practices a week and performances year-round, but Lee clearly loves being a member of the a cappella group.

“It’s a social network of friends with a common interest of something we all love to do,” Lee said.

Lee encourages new students to get involved on campus.

“Take advantage,” Lee said. “There are so many opportunities on campus that might not be obvious and that are different from what you did in high school. Try new things.”

Coming from a student who has followed this credo all four years, it may not be surprising advice, but is certainly important for all first-years looking for a way to feel connected at Colgate.

Coming from a small, private girls’ school in New Jersey, Lee said that she was particularly attracted to the community aspect of Colgate.

Four years later, Lee is approaching another transitional period. She is still undecided as to how she’ll put that Neuroscience concentration to work for her in the coming years, but she does not seem too worried about the future.

Lee will probably continue her education in some form of graduate school and has considered dental school.

This year surely will be just as busy and exciting as her first three. As involved as ever, Lee will be savoring every moment of her final year here at Colgate.

“I’m just excited to enjoy senior year. It’s so great being a student here,” Lee said.