In The Light – Mike Wenger

“Outgoing, adventurous, nomadic, spontaneous and random.” When asked to describe himself during an afternoon interview at the Coop, senior Mike Wenger chose the above five words to represent his personality. However, judging by achievements on campus, Wenger left out the one word that best illustrates his time spent as a member of the Colgate community: dedicated.

Although pursuing a double major in economics and international relations, Wenger has not let his interests be bound within the walls of Persson Hall. An active member of many organizations on campus, Wenger’s activities keep him running from the academic quad all the way down the hill to Broad Street. Wenger is involved with the Center for Outreach Volunteerism and Education’s (COVE) Leadership Team for the Sidekicks and Headstart Programs and is also a member of the fraternity Phi Kappa Tau. Additionally, Wenger is a member of the senior honor society, Konosioni.

In the past two summers, he has visited both Kenya and Western Zambia to work with such organizations as Project Educate, where he worked to fundraise for the region. Wenger also spent a semester abroad in Barcelona, an experience that he highly recommends to underclassmen.

However, besides jet setting around the globe, maintaining his academics and becoming a leader on campus, Wenger has found time to enjoy his four years at Colgate as well. Wenger was adamant about urging younger students to spend time outside the academic arena.

“Take advantage of all Colgate has to offer-clubs, Outdoor Ed activities, finding something outside the classroom, wherever you find your niche,” Wenger said.

Embarking on his final year at Colgate, there certainly appears to be great sucess ahead for Wenger, achievements that he will undoubtedly be sharing with his classmates during future Class of 2009 reunions. On a final note, Wenger light-heartedly posed one last question about the future of Colgate-a question that deviated from the previous, more serious topics discussed.

“I’d be curious to see if the Jug was still the same and if fraternities still existed on campus,” Wenger said. Spoken like a true Colgate student.