Senior Reflection

If you ever want to find out what is really happening around Colgate, your best bet (besides becoming a Dean) is to join the Maroon-News. When I first came onto the staff as a lowly production assistant during my sophomore year, I was amazed at how the writers and editors sifted through heaps of information to get the story they wanted. With the help of fellow seniors Atit “Expletive Deleted” Amin and Mike “Alwayz Juiced” Nanna, I found myself as a sports editor the following year, digging for stories just like my predecessors. And now, as Senior Editor, I can truly appreciate all the effort that goes both into the newspaper and into daily life around Hamilton. From Patriot League Tournaments to the Colgate sex life to important speakers to film screenings, there is always something exciting on campus and there are always writers willing to document these events.

Indeed, I am thankful to everyone who has shown me the power of journalism. Four years ago, if you had asked me what I saw myself doing during my senior year of college, the last thing I would have told you is that I would be on the senior editorial staff of our school’s newspaper. In a way, that unexpectedness represents what is so great about college: it fosters an environment where you are free to try new things, usually with relatively few consequences. And more than anything, that freedom is what I will miss after I graduate next month.